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Marvels the Defenders Season 1 Episode 1

The H Word

At Cambodia’s sewer, Agent of the Hand try to kill a man, Danny and Colleen shows up and try to help him out. But he missed and that man is killed, Danny chased her down but she managed to escape. Before that man died, he tells them they fight in wrong place.

Jessica helps her friend out the problem with her car, she try to remind her the h word but she stop her first. Luke is released out today from prison, Nelson goes to see him to gives him his card.

Matt is prepared for his court, while he has to focus on case and avoid from interruption from outside. He helps family to win the case because their child is injured because of careless.

Alexandra get confirm from her doctor that she is dying, she try to determine how much she has left.

Mother and daughter try to get help from Jessica to find her husband, but she doesn’t want to help and chase them out, then she gets call to warn her to keep out from them. She starts to take a look.

Luke found out about his hometown’s problem, he wants to help them to find who did. One of his friend and his sister is died in strange accident. Matt stills be a daredevil at night to help people, he stills upset what happen to Elektra.

Alexandra wants to speedup her plan even it will risks to notices the other, but she won’t care about it.

Jessica traces back the man who call her to stop chasing that woman’s husband, at his room she found crate of explosive device.

After Danny and Colleen land at New york, they feel the earth quake. Same for Matt and Jessica, seem it causes by one of the Hand with order of Alexandra