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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6

Beyond the Wall

Snow and them heading beyond the wall, he tells Tormund that Daenerys wants him to kneel to get help. Snow returns his father sword to Jorah but he won’t accept it.

Arya confronts Sansa about her writing to their father and make him executed, they blame each other for that. Sansa tells her if they fight this is what Cersei wants.

Baeric tells Snow that they both serve the same lord, Snow tells him that he is not know him and not know what he wants him to do. Clegane leads them to mountain head likes arrow,

Tyrion tells Daenerys that Snow likes her, she seems please. He tells her that Cersei and  her enemy all of them has is fear, he tells her that she should not do like them. They also discuss about succession, she is upset and tell him they will do after she crowned.

During the way, Snow and them are attacked by undead bear. Thoros is injured, Baeric heal him with their method.

Sansa discuss the problem with Baelish about that message, he tells her to ask for Brienne’s help them.

Snow and them finally found the few undead, they charge them and kill one of knight walker. They managed to captured one of them, they have to leave before the rest of them coming. He asks Gendry to running way back to send message to Daenerys. He makes it to the wall and tell Davos what happen.

They are running from them but they are surrounded by them on the ice platform, they can’t get to him but they can’t get out either. Thoros finally dead after that injured, they burn his body.

Beric tells Snow that there is another chance if they kill the night king everyone of them will die,

Sansa get invitation from king’s landing, but she refused to goes. She send Brienne instead to there.

Tyrion tells her not go to help Snow, because if she failed they will lost. She refused, she fly with her dragons to help them.

Army of dead found that now they can reach Snow, they start to walk to them. Tormund almost get killed, while he starts to gives up. Daenerys shows up with her dragons and burn all of them.

Night king shows up and kill one of her dragon ,they all shocking. He tells them to leave now, Snow fells down in the ice. They escape while night king try to kill her dragon again.

Snow still alive, Benjen shows up and help him from undead. Daenerys waiting Snow back from there, she see him. He is cold to almost dead but finally he wakes up.

Sansa sneaks in Arya’s room and looking for that message, instead she found her mask.

Snow sorry about her dragon, she tells him that they are going to destroy night king and their army.

night king pull out her dead dragon and turn it to their dragon of night.