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Rough Night (2017)

At the collect, Jess and Alice try to win the test in their party. Alice win it, when they back at dorm. Alice, Jess,Blair and Frankie all of them make promise that they will be friend together for their live.

After that 10 years, Jess is in the campaign for City council, Alice and her friends plan to the trip together for her bachelor.

They head to Miami’s beach, they get a house from one of her sponsor to stay. They pick the key from their strange neighbor and start their cerebrate.

After that Pipa, Jess’s best friend shows up. But Alice seems jealous of Pippa she interrupts their talking. Alice plans them to have party at club, Frankie tells them after back that she gets few cocaine from someone.

Then they decide that all of them will take it, they get their party in city at the club. Then Blair suggest them to get stripper for Jess, they all agreed. They take another dose of cocaine, while Jess’s fiance also has his bachelor, he drinks wine with his friends.

They call stripper after he shows up and try to approach her, but Jess refused him. Alice jumps on him and accidentally kill him. They panic and don’t know what to do, then pizza’s guy shows up. They try to hide the body.

They start to each pizza and discuss about what to do, then his fiance call her. She panic and tells him everything, her friend try to stop her and break her phone. Her fiance misunderstand that she want to stop marry.

They go to find burner phone so they can call the lawyer about what happen, then neighbor’s dog show up, Pippa take it out and get bite. They try to hide him in the garage but the door is broken it allow outside see them.

After call her uncle, he tells them not to move body. But when he found out that they already move, he tells them to destroy body otherwise they will prison 15 years. They found out that Blair is in the middle of divorce, she will lost her child.

After talks with his friend, Peter decides to following Jess to Miami and win her back, Jess and her friends put the body on scooter and try to dump him on the sea. But their neighbor show up, Blair lures them out. Pipa dump the body in the sea, but she hurt herself while land back.

Alice found out that their neighbor has the security camera, they plan to take the video out by use Blair to bait them. But after she fell for them, she found out that their security camera not work. After that Jess and friends clean up the mess.

While Peter drives all the way to Miami non stop to see her, on the way he is under arrest.

But when they go out to make pictures so they won’t be suspicious, they found the body is back on shore. When they back at house, police officer shows up. Frankie goes to see him, but turn out that he is a stripper. They wonder who they just killed.

They put him on the stripper’s car, but on the way they drop him on the road. And they make their car broken, they have no choice but returned.

After freak out, Alice starts to fight with Pippa and Jess. They starts to fight with everything they have in their mind.

Then they found that someone try to trace dead man’s phone, they see 2 polices at their door. Alice tells them that he is dead, they said this man is dangerous they are lucky that they didn’t get hurt. They have no problem anymore, Frankie try to tell Jess but she didn’t answer.

Pippa found that 2 polices there are same group as dead guy, she signal Blair to know. But when Pippa try to hide it, she get caught now they are in trouble again.

Jess found out that her friends are tie as hostage, one of them is searching the house for their diamond. Jess manages to lock one of them and get his gun.

While that guy try to kill her friends, she decides to fight him. With her friends help they finally knocks him down. But another guy she locked up escape, while he try to kill them. He is hit by Peter’s car, they are very happy.

They decide to marry next day at their party’s foam. Their charges are drop because they kill the murdered, her campaign’s officer tell her that with from that event, she gets donation and support. But she decides to care her friends than her campaign.