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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5


Bronn rescued Jaime before he is burned alive and drowned, Jaime is worried what Daenerys can do with other 2 dragons. Daenerys decides to let the captured soldiers leave, she tells them that she is not here to kill them.

She is here to break the wheel that make rich and poor. She wants them to kneel before her, half of them doesn’t kneel include Sam’s father.

Tyrion tells him that he is the one who betrayed his queen, Cersei killed her queen and he stills following her. Daenerys decides to feed them to her dragon, as they didn’t follow her. The other decide to kneel immediately, Tyrion is not agree with her.

Jaime tells Cersei that this is the war that she can’t win, she tells him there is nothing they can offer. He tells Cersei that Olena kill Joffrey, Cersei decides that they will fight and die.

When Daenerys’s dragon land, Snow touch it and it allow him to.  She surprise of what she see, she tells him that they are children.

Jorah is return, he is cured. She has him return as his counsel, Brann controls flock of crow to see the situation of the north. He see the army of dead is coming, he sends the raven to everyone.

Maester at citadel doesn’t believe his message, Sam tells them about Brann and he tells them to help them defeat them. But they don’t believe him and Brann message.

Tyrion and Varys also gets the message, they also discuss about what Daenerys did. Then they discuss what Brann see with Daenerys and her council, they thinks they should capture one of dead and show it to Cersei.

But they think she won’t listen to them, they think only Jaime will listen them. Tyrion thinks probably he might listen to him, Davos said he will take Tyrion in king’s landing, Snow tells them that he and Jorah will go to north and get one of dead.

At winterfell, they start to not listen to them. They don’t agree that their king is not in the north, Arya tells her that Snow trust her to hold them for him.

Davos and Tyrion arrive at King’s landing, Bronn tricks Jaime to see Tyrion. He tells Jaime that they can’t win Daenerys, Cersei should try to surrender. Then he tells him about undead army, Davos goes to see Gendry and wants him to fight with him.

Before they left they found the guard, they recognize him they have no choice but kill them.

Jaime goes to see Cersei and tell her about Tyrion and his words, he tells her about meeting with Daenerys. She wants to discuss about the dead man but she doesn’t care. She wants to beat them all, dragons, undead or Daenerys. She tells him that she has the baby, and tell him not to betray her.

Gendry tells Snow about his father, he tells him he is fighter and he willing to fight. Snow takes Jorah and leave to get one of undead back with them.

Sam is upset for what their maester done, he thinks the secrets that can help them beat the dead is there but no body care. He decides to stolen all books and leave.

At winterfell, Arya keeps an eye on Baelish and following him what he doing. She found that he is looking for something, she sneaks in his room and find out about it. But she is the one who fell into his plan.

Snow goes the wall and tells his task to Tormund, he tells them there other that want to go beyond the wall. They meet Baeric, Thorus and Clegane they tell them their lord of light want them to go.

Snow agreed to go with them to the other side, each of them hate each other. Jorah’s father kill many of Tormund men, people of lord of light try to kill Gendry by burn him alive.