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Deepwater Horizon (2016)

Investigators interviews the crew from Deepwater Horizon about alarm on the day of fire, few of them claim that they didn’t hear the alarm.

The Blow up machine (BOP) is checking the tube under water, they didn’t found any leaks. But small bubble of gas are coming out through the sea.

Today William is going out to sea for 21 days, he works as Blowout Preventer. He and his colleague are one the way to the Deepwater Horizon.

They are 128 crews on board, once they arrive they found that team that suppose to test cement didn’t make a test.

Jimmy is Mike’s boss, he is very upset about what happen. He asks them why they didn’t make a test on cement, it’s the thing that prevent them from blow up.

They still continue moving the rig, they start to make a pressure test. The test result seem ok, but the gas starts to blow up. Then the pressure start to rising up, it looks bad.

But CEO still wants to continue the drill and ignore the warning, they decide to run another test. They think that they have pipe malfunction, Jimmy decides to start the drill.

They start to have high pressure again, the oil starts to leak out through the rig. They stop it by close the annular, but it can’t hold the pressure.

They close another Annular, but it cause more pressure and damage more valves. Their alarm doesn’t work, well is blow up. Fire starts up after engine stop, rig is on fire.

Coast guard are informed from witness outside the rig, after explosion William wakes up and try to get out.

Rescue’s team is on the way to help the crew, William goes back to find Jimmy. he found him hurt badly. They take him to the bridge, Jimmy and them try to keep rig stay so pipe won’t break.

But their plan to store power failed, right start blow up. They try to escape out among the fire on sea.

William and 116 others crews are rescued to the boat.