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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4

The Spoils of War

Jaime tells Bronn that all gold they get from Tyrell will paid back to Iron bank, Cersei paid them full, they are happy and eager to help her.

Baelish try to convince Brann him to his side but Brann see him through, Meera tells him that she wants to leave, he doesn’t even blink. He tells her that he is not Brann anymore.

Arya just arrive at Winterfell, Sansa found her in the dungeon. She tells her about Bran and Rickon, she goes to see him. He gives her the Baelish’s knife, Sansa tells them that he always want something to return.

Snow show Daenerys where is the dragonglass before he get them out, he also shows her the children draw on cave. He also shows her that first men and them are fighting the dead army.

She tells him that if he kneel for her, she will fight for him. Tyrion tells her that they get Castle rock, but Greyworm are trapped. She is upset, and doesn’t agree with Tyrion anymore.

She asks Snow what she should do, he tells her if she did the same then she will not be different than the other.

Arya tells Brienne that she wants to train with her, she wins the hound. They fight and draw, she is very impressed of her.

Theon and his men shows up on the beach, Snow tells him that Sansa is the reason that he didn’t kill him now. He wants Daenerys to help him get Yara back, Snow tells him that Daenerys is gone.

She and her Dothraki’s army head to attack Jaime’s army, with her dragon their army destroy in once. She destroy all of his supply, Bronn used Qyburn weapon and try to shoot it down, he failed to kill it.

Jaime try to kill Daenerys while she try to help her dragon, but he almost burned alive by its fire. He fells into the water.