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Beyond Skyline (2017)

Earth is conquer by alien, some of human fight until their last breath. Back then Mark is invited in LA’s police station about a suspect, his son Trent. He has fight with someone and end up locked up.

During way to home by underground their train stopped by something, while on street some light coming down from sky.

After crash, Mark try to checkout what happen. He heard from radio that don’t look into the light. They decide to get out of train for safety, after they coming up. Trent and other one looks up on sky and is pulled out to sky.

Mark stop Trent before he flow up, after spaceship take all people up. Mark goes back to the train tunnel. He meets his friend down there, he tells them about blue light.

They decide to move next to next out of tunnel, Mark spots the battle between human and alien ship. One of fighter fire the missile to the ship and cause huge explosion.

They make cover before it reach them, when they try to go up they are attacked by an alien. It try to captured them, they manage to kill one of it and escape. When they get up they see an alien they escape from it.

But finally Mark and them are captured, Mark wakes up and find out the machine is killing everyone. He try to fight back, but he end up flush out the ship.

But he grabbed the wall before fall down, he climb up and try to find his son. He found out that alien take the human to create the soldier, then he is attacked by guards.

When he is in trouble, other alien shows up and help him out. He following it, Trent wakes up and found him hang on the air.

Mark following alien and found a woman is going to give birth, she tells him that her baby is bigger when get the light. And that alien is her husband, he fight back when they put his brain in the machine.

He success to get his daughter out, but his wife is dead. They make the way to the bay, it decides to destroy the entire ship. But after they find his son, the alien driver show up. It try to stop it and let him escape.

Mark found his son, they try to help their friends. But he lost him, he try to save his friend instead. Baby father success to destroy the ship and save Mark.

After the crash, Mark and other escape from ship. They meet Kenya and her brother, but when they found out that Mark is police they start to attack them. Then when police shows up, they stop fighting and escape together.

They lead them to their hideout, Mark found out that they are drug maker. He gets the child to exam by their doctor. They think she might be alien, they said that she is dying as she growing so fast. But she can be the key to free them.

After check, the doctor they think that alien plant them long times ago. Now they are here to collect them, he said that if they fire them with her blood it will turn their machine back to human.

Kenya is chased by alien, she run to mine field to get rid of it but she step into it too. She decide to destroy it along with her.

Mark decides to get in the alien’s ship and get his son back, he found Trent and he success to put child blood in their system and make Trent back.

But alien found out and destroy it, while alien try to get the kid. Trent shows up and fight with alien robot. The girl reactivated the machine and turn all alien’s robot back. They name the girl, Rose.

After that Rose lead the army to attack them.