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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3

The Queen’s Justice

Snow and Davos arrive at Dragonstone, they see her dragons fly on the sky. Varys curious why Melisandre doesn’t want to see Snow. She tells him she will leave to Voluntis and will back one day.

Snow meets Daenerys, she wants him to kneel for her. She tells them that Stark is swear oath under Targaryen, he said he is not Stark.

He tells her that he is here because they need each other, he tells her about dead army. He tells her they need each so they can survived, she doesn’t believe him. He stills doesn’t want to kneel to her. After that Varys tells her about lost of the fleet and Dornish.

Euron takes Yara and Dornish’s capture to king’s landing, he gives Cersei the captured Dornish. She appoint Euron to lead his navy and Jaime to lead his army.

Cersei killed Dornish’s princess in front of her mother to revenge her daughter, the same way she kill her daughter. She forces her to look her daughter die.

Cersei meets with Iron bank’s represent, he knows a lot about her situation. She reminds him when he wants to support Daenerys that because of her, their profit from slave are gone.

Tyrion tells Snow what Daenerys do, she protected her people from monster like he did. He convinces him that she is good people. He tells Tyrion about dragonglass. He tells Daenerys about it, he asks her to give to him. She agreed to give it to him.

Baelish try to warn Sansa about Cersei, he try convinces her. Then at the gate she meets Brann, Sansa tells him that now he is lord of Winterfell, but he tells her that now he is 3 eyed raven. He knows what happen to her.

Sam cured Jorah well, he is release from there. They become friend, Sam is question by archmaester about what he did. He tells him that he should be proud of it, he gives him the new task.

Daenerys wants to fly her dragon to destroy Euro’s fleet, while Greyworm who attack the castle rock. But with Tyrion help they know how to get in secretly, Greyworm’s army win over them. But Lannister’s main army are with Jaime and they are head to Tyrell. Olena confess to Jaime that she done thing that will protect her family. She tells him that she is the one who poison his son.