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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2


Varys tells Daenerys that she is stormborn, that night she counsel with them. She has support from Dorne thanks for Varys, she questions him for his loyalty. He tells her that he will serve the realm not any kingdom.

She wants him to swear that if she fell to be good queen he will tells her directly, if he betrayed her, she will burn him alive.

Melisandre goes to see Daenerys, her men tells her about Stannis. She tells her about prophecy about the long winter. She tells her about Snow, how he archived. She tells her to see Snow, Tyrion also support him that he can be ally. She agreed to see him but he has to bent kneel to her.

Snow gets message from Tyrion, Sansa disagree for him to see Daenerys. Davos also agreed that if she has dragon then she worth to see.

Cersei try to gather all house left to fight for her, to fight Daenerys and her dragons. They wonder how she stop them, her maester tell them they are working on solution.

Jaime wants Sam’s father to help Cersei, he tells him that his house swear on Tyrell. He offer him the south when war is win.

Jorah found that in 6 months he will complete lost his mind, Sam tells archmaester about Shireen but they are different and they can’t help him. He asks him if he wants to end his life or ship to Valyria.

Qyburn shows Cersei what he found in basement, he show her the Aegon’s dragon skull. He shows her the huge crossbow that can through dragon skull.

Daenerys tells her allies that she won’t be queen of ashes, she tells them they will not war with them. They will surround the capital with Tyrell and Dorne, while her army will take down Lannister. They all agreed with her plan.

Sam tells Jorah that he found the way to cure him but it’s very dangerous and forbidden, he tells him about his father. He serve with his father and he will not allow him die today. He open the book he found and cure him.

Arya goes back to King’s landing, she heard some info about Cersei and her war. And she heard about Snow and Sansa at winterfell. She is hesitate now that she should go to Winterfell to see her family or not.

Snow tells his men that he knows where he will get dragonglass, and about Dragonstone. He tells them that he will persuade her to ally with him. His men and Sansa disagreed, they want king to be at north.

Snow tells Sansa that until he returned, North is hers. Before left, Snow threaten Baelish not to touch Sansa otherwise he will kill him.

While in wood, Arya is surrounded by wolves then she found that its leader is her wolf. She tells it that she is heading home and she asks it to come with her but it refused.

At night Euro’s fleet attack Yara’s fleet, they fight with his army. Her entire fleets are gone, Oberyn’s lover are captured by him, Theon abandon Yara again when Euron has her.