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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1


Frey gives his men another feasts after the war, he gives them all wine. They are all the red wedding that day kill Catelyn. They found that all their wine is poisoned, he is actually Arya who change her face. She tells his maid that tell other that winter is coming.

Night king and his army are approach the wall, while Brann and Meera arrive at the wall.

Snow tells them to research about dragonglass, he wants them to train every human to fight. They also need all castle to defend them, Sansa often against him and he doesn’t listen to her. He gives the 2 castles to family that royalty for his family for long time.

Snow gets news from Cersei, she wants him to kneel before her otherwise will consider as traitor and destroyed. Sansa tells him to get rid of her before war with dead, he doesn’t agree with her. She tells him that if he is her enemy she will not stop until he destroyed.

Cersei tells Jaime about Daenerys and Tyrion, he tells her they will land at dragonstone first. She tells him about Olena and Dorne, Snow is in the north. He asks her what she did for, all their children are dead.

He tells her that they need an allies, she tells him that she invited Euron from Ironborn. She tells him that Euron come for her, he tells her about his nephew and niece who stolen fleets from him.

He tells them that he is greatest captain of several seas, in return he wants to marry her. She doesn’t agree with his proposal, he tells her that he won’t return if he didn’t get gift for her.

Sam now works in Citadel and take care of Maester, one day he see the forbidden area. He is curious and want to see what inside, one day he ask to archmaester about forbidden area. He tells him about white walker and dead army, he tells him that he believe him. But he tells him the wall will stop the winter.

At night, Sam steals one of maester’s key and get in the forbidden area and get books out.

Baelish try to divide her and Snow, he asks why she is not happy. Brienne asks Sansa what he want, she tells her that she knows.

Arya meets group of knight during the way, they tells her that King’s landing now is worst place to go. She tells them why she is heading to there, she tells them she is going to kill the queen.

Thoros, Beric and Celgane found some place to rest for the snow. He found that there is something wrong, Clegane tells them when he looks in fire. He see the wall, dead who marching past the wall.

Sam try hard to read everything about dead, Sam found out that huge dragon glass is beneath the dragonstone. He tells Snow about it, during the work Sam accidentally meet Jorah.

Daenerys arrived at Dragonstone, there is no one there at the forte since Stannis defeat. She and Tyrion get into the Strategy room.