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Kingsman The Golden Circle (2017)

One night Eggsy meets Charlie, he has a gun on him while his reinforce show up more. Eggsy push him in car and tell his drive to drive off, he found that Charlie has parts as machine. He fights him while Charlie’s reinforce following them.

Charlie accidentally kill his driver, Eggsy manages to throw Charlie out of window. He run off while Charlie’s people still after him. He lured him into the park and take all of them out. After that he found police also after him, he escapes from them by drive into the pool and head back to secret tunnel.

Eggsy has to see his friend and his girlfriend and he can’t miss it, while in his car the Charlie’s left over arm is activated and get information from car’s computer.

Poppy is the biggest world drug cartel, she is living in no where in jungle. She is interviewing her new employee, she just select one of them while the other is throw in mincer. Then he is sent to the makeover and welcome him in her organization, the golden circle.

Eggsy just arrives at his work place, they discuss about Charlie last night. They agree that he might be recruited by underworld organization.

At night while he has dinner with his girlfriend, he notice that one of his friend sneak in his secret room. Then he see that his friend is hit by missile, same as all other agents of the kingsman.

Eggsy found Merlin in his office, he thought that he betray them but after found that it’s Charlie’s arm that hack their database and kill everyone.

They go to see their doomsday protocol, they found a bottle of whisky instead. Some how they end up drink all of it, Eggsy found the clue in the bottle. They think they have to go to Kentucky, USA.

They arrive at Statesman, they found the hidden door and found the hidden lair. They meet Tequila, they introduce themselves by fight but they defeated.

Tequila doesn’t believe what they told him, he try to kill Harry to checkout their story. Then other agent show up and tell him that their story is checked. They rush to see him but some how Harry lost his memory and can’t remember them.

They tell them that 1 year ago they found Harry is shot, they rescue him from shot but side effect that he lost some of memory.

Eggsy meet Champ who is manage Statesman, he tells them about their plan to track down the golden circle. While Merlin and Ginger try to reboot Harry and make him remember but they failed.

Eggsy and Whisky, Statesman agent go to tracking Charlie’s girlfriend. He spots blue rash on the people there same they see in Tequila.

Eggsy notices that Harry is leaving, he try to convince him to remember but he also failed. While he is drinking, he notices that may be he can use the puppy to trigger his memory. He success and make Harry remember again.

After that few days, they spot the message from Poppy about her virus and her demands to US President. She wants to see drug legally and wants full immunity for her and teams. But President decides not to agree.

But Statesman disagree and want to find the antidote, they found the communicate between Charlie and his girlfriend about antidote.

After confirm the antidote works, Statesman decide to move in and get the antidote. Eggsy and whisky go up to the hidden lair and grab the antidote for Tequila. Charlie spots Eggsy and run after them but they escape. But Whisky accidentally destroy the antidote, Harry decides to kill him because he suspect him. Eggsy freeze Whisky and send him back to Statesman.

Merlin and Ginger found the trace of Poppy and her base, while US’s president starts to lockup the sick people in one place and trick Poppy that he want to make a deal.

While Harry tells Merlin and Eggsy that he doesn’t trust the statesman, Eggsy found that his girlfriend also infected. They rush to Poppy’s base, Whisky is recovered and follow them to Poppy’s base.

Poppy’s base is in Cambodia, Merlin sacrifice himself for Eggsy’s life. Eggsy and Harry carried on their mission while he distracts Poppy’s guard.

Eggsy and Harry start storm Poppy’s guard, Eggsy managed to take down Charlie while Harry take care Poppy’s pets.

Poppy refuses to give them a code to stop the sick, so they injected modified Poppy’s product from Merlin it killed her instantly.

While they try to decode the lock, Whisky shows up and tell them that he doesn’t care what happen he just want the money and kill all sick to revenge what happen to his wife.

But Eggsy and Harry get chances and get the code back, stop him and put code to save the world.