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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10

The Winds of Winter

Today is the day that Cersei and Loras will be in trial at front of Sept, high priest and member of sparrows are gathering there.

When trial begin, High sparrow ask Loras for his crime. He gives up and confess everything at front of them, he tells them he will abandon his name and become one of sparrow. Margaery is upset because this is not what they agree.

At trail, they found that Cersei is not show up. They send sparrow to get her but on the way, Pycelle is lured in the trap to kill by children. While Lancel is killed by children too, he found that he is at the store of wildfire.

Margaery tells high sparrow that all of them need to leave before it’s too late, but it’s too late. The wildfire is spread and burn entire Sept, all of them death by fire.

Tommen is surprised when he see what’s happen to the Sept, he decides to jump of the castle to death while Cersei tortured all who mistreat her.

Frey and Jaime celebrates their victory in Frey’s castle, Jaime really dislike Frey and make him unsatisfy.

Cersei decides to burn Tommen’s body and put his ash at Sept like his grandfather, sister and brother.

Sam and Gily arrives at Citadel, he tells the person there that he is there to replace maester. He is sent to see the archmaester to discuss. Sam see a lot of books there, he is very happy.

At winterfell, Davos confronts Melisandre about death of Shireen. He wants Snow to execute her for her crime. He released her and forbid her to come to the north.

Snow tells Sansa that Winterfell is belong to her because of Vale, they can win. He tells her not to trust Baelish.

Olena is at Dorne, she wants to allied with them because Cersei killed her family. She meets Varys there too, they offer her the revenge.

Daenerys wants Daario to stay in Mereen to rule her city, but he doesn’t want anything but following her to anywhere. But she refused, while he is upset and agreed. She make Tyrion hand of the queen.

Frey found that his 2 sons are killed and give to him to eat, he found that one who give him is Arya. She killed him in cold blood.

Baelish tells Sansa that he wants Iron throne and he wants her on his side, she refused him. He try to divide Sansa and Snow.

Benjen tells Bran and Meera that he can’t pass the wall, it has magic to forbidden him through. He tells them he will keep fighting the living. Brann warg into the tree to see what inside the castle he wants to see.

He see Stark and his aunt, she tells him the secret about her son, Snow. At the meeting Snow tells them about the next war.

Prince from Mormont declares that Snow will be her king from her last day, while the other also agreed to serve Snow. They name him the king of the north, he success to gather all the north.

Jaime is back from Riverrun and found what happen, Cersei become the queen of king’s landing and she sit on Iron throne.

Daenerys’s army fleets are approaching 7 kingdoms.