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The Dark Tower (2017)

A tower stands for protect them from darkness for long time and only mind of child can take it down.

All children in playground heard the signal to go back, they are no human but something who use human skin. They use children power to destroy the tower, they fire the power with their mind.

Jake wakes up and feel the earth quake, today he has another session with doctor. He always like to draw what he saw.

He tells his doctor that earthquake is because they attack the tower, he tells him about people in fake skin. But he tells him that it’s just a dream.

During way back home, some stranger tells him to careful because they are looking for special kid like him.

He has another dream about soldiers, one of them is killed by fire. While others are killed by same man, he remember another guy Roland. He thinks that he is in New york.

Jake’s parent decide to send him to clinic, he notices that they come from his dream. but they don’t believe him, he tricks his parent and escape out. But they chase him, he running out from them success.

He is heading to Roland’s place, he found that it’s same as he saw in dream. At there he found the machine where it transport him to mid-world.

He wandered around and notice the signal from the mountain, he meets Roland. But he ignores him, Jake following him. He tells him about what he dream about Walter, he tells him where he saw him.

Walter get informs by his people about Jake cross over and escaping, Jake following Roland to the tribe, he tells him about the dark tower and his father.

That night Jake wakes up and heard Walter call him out, Roland found out that Jake is missing. Jake see his father in wood, but it actually darkness illusion to draw him.

He tells him that the leak will show up when tower is attacked, Roland is attacked by monster. He tells Jake to run off then it chasing him, Roland gets out and kill it.

Walter shows up to Jake’s parent, she remember him from Jake’s drawing. He forces his parent to tell him about his drawing.

Roland and Jake are at tribe, they ask them about Walter’s place. He learned that he has a gift, with his power they can see where is him. But it’s far to go there, they need the portal. Jake tells him that they must have other portal in his world.

Jake convinces the tribe to use their portal to the earth, while darkness is coming to the tribe and try to stop them. While Walter’s man get chance and grab Jake. But Roland rescue him on time.

Jake and Roland cross to the earth, Jake try to find help for him. He takes him to hospital and checkup, after that he goes to his home and found that his parent are killed.

Roland tells him that Walter try to trick Jake to use his power so he can track him, Roland tells him to close his mind. Roland tells him he will revenge for them. Jake tells him to care about tower.

Roland teaches Jake how to fire his gun, Jake found out about where is the portal. But they fell in his trap, Walter try to provoke Roland while Jake is running but he is taken by them.

Walter takes him to his lair, Roland try to stop him. Jake is taken to the machine to attack the tower, but Jake try to resist. Roland shows up and fight with Walter, Jake helps him win against Walter. They destroy their lair and protect tower.

Roland asks Jake to come with him in his world to help him.