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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9

Battle of the Bastards

Tyrion reports to Daenerys that her city is on rise except the attack, she tells him that she will burned all master and their fleet and their city. He tells her that she will be like her father.

They decided to make surrender, they want the kill her dragon, her slave. She tells them they are discuss their surrender not her. She rides her dragon and destroy all their fleet. While her army, Dothraki killed all son of the harpy. They win the war, Tyrion tell one of survivor to remind them that what happen if they try to raise war.

Sansa and Snow go to see Ramsay, he tells them to kneel before him and surrender. Snow challenge Ramsay to fight with him one to one, he refused. After see Rickon’s wolf head, she tells him to sleep well because he will die tomorrow.

At night Snow and them plan to lure Ramsay in their way so they can win his number, Sansa tells him that he doesn’t know him. She tells him not to fell in his plan, he should wait until they get big enough army. He said to her that he will protect her, yet she stills not believe him.

Snow asks Melisandre not to bring him back if he lost, she told him that she only did what lord tell her.

At night when Stannis goes to walk to clear his mind, he see what is left of Shireen his princess.

Yara and Theon go to see Daenerys, they bought her 100 fleets and want her help to reclaim the ironborn. They tell her about Euron plan too, she agreed to help them if they serve under her. They agree.

Next day, Snow’s army and Ramsay start their war. Ramsay takes Rickon out with him. Then he releases him, he tells Rickon to run to Snow. While he aim with his bow, Snow try hard to rescue him. But he shoots him to death at front of him.

Ramsay makes Snow angry, he charged into them alone. Then his army following him into the trap. They charge him with Calvary and fire arrow to them include his own.

Now he and his men are surrounded with his infants, they try to break their formation. Snow is buried in the pile of body, while they are defeat. Vale’s army show up with Sansa and break Ramsay’s army.

Snow and few men following him to Winterfell, his giant friend break his wall before he died. All wildling get in and get the castle. Ramsay decides to fight him one-to-one now, Snow beaten him with bare hand.

Sansa goes to see him in prison, his hungry hound can’t resist their hungry and start to eat him alive while she enjoys watching him.