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Atomic Blonde (2017)

Berlin 1989, a man is running for his life. He is hit down by car, he is spy and he is hit by KGB agent.

10 days later in London, Lorraine is recovering from injured. After that she going in the agency. She is questions by her boss about what happen in Berlin.

She was assigned to case of dead agent, James who is killed in Berlin. He is following the atomic bomb that now missing by KGB. She needs to see David who take care the spyglass who has information about Atomic bomb.

After she arrived at German, she spots someone following her. Then she notices that her escorts try to get information from her. But David shows up and meet with her, she doesn’t trust him so she decides to stay alone.

She goes to check the dead spy’s apartment, but she is attacked by polices she know that it’s David who inform them. She manages to get out safety and go to see David again. She found that David and dead spy are friends.

She thinks she has to find out what KGB knows, instead she found Delphine there. Then she goes to see her contact, she is surrounded by KGB. She is ended up beaten badly but she escapes.

Next night she goes to check Delphine, she tells her that she know who she is and she is willing to help her. And she is French spy, she tells her the secret.

While David success get list from KGB, he meets with Lorraine and accidentally tells her about KGB. They make a deal to take care of spyglass, David seems try to find out where is the traitor, Satchel.

While Lorraine and David go to get Spyglass out, she found that he plans to take his family with them. Then they are ambush by KGB, but they are failed because of Lorraine’s plan.

David shots Spyglass himself to make it look like he is ambush, she goes to take care the ambush. She managed to take them down but she is beaten badly. They still chased by KGB, she failed to get him to meeting point.

She escapes and found that she is spy by David for whole time, Lorraine tells Delphine about it, she upset and want to get him back. Lorraine goes to see David about it and found that Delphine set her up. David goes to kill Delphine, Lorraine comes to late to help her. She found out that David is traitor, Satchel.

After tells everything to her boss, she is released. She goes to take care the one who want the list.