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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8

No One

Arya try to escape from men of faceless god, she goes to hide with actress who she helped before. She helped her cured, she wants her to come with her.

Clegane goes to find the thief who kill his friends, he killed everyone them he found. Tyrion and Varys plans work well with priestess from lord of light, it make their city back to normal.

Sparrow try to force Cersei back to the sept, she refused and her guard kill one them merciless.

Brienne and Pod go to see Jaime, she goes to get his help to get Blackfish. She wants him to let Blackfish’s army move to north. He is agree, she also return his sword but he denied.

But Blackfish doesn’t believe her, but when he believes he tells her that he has not enough men. He will not leave his home.

Tommen disallow Cersei to beside him, while he announces that trial of Cersei and Loras will be at the Septon. He also disallow the trial by combat, that make her way out is gone.

While Tyrion is thinking that peace is there, they found out that the master’s army approach to Meereen.

Jaime release Blackfish’s nephew back, but Blackfish doesn’t allow him to enter. But his men against him and let him in. He gets in and tell his men to surrender the castle and give Blackfish to Frey.

But Brienne and Pod try to get him out but he refused to escape, he wants to die in his home.

The master’s army attack Meereen, Greyworm tells them that they will defend the pyramid. Then there is loud bang, they found that Daenerys is back with her dragon.

Clegane found Thoros and Beric, they catch his thieves. He wants to kill them himself, after that he decides to join them.

Arya is chasing down by her trainer from faceless of god, but at the end she managed to kill her. She goes back to see Jaqen, she tells him that she is going home and she is not no one.