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Annabelle 2: Creation (2017)

The maker just finish Annabelle’s doll and put her in the box, he gets the paper piece from someone tell him to find him. The maker following the trail into the house, his daughter is the one who send him message. They are often play this game together.

Next day her daughter gets accident during the way when they back from church to play her new doll.

Linda, Janice and their friends from church are heading to the maker’s home to make his wife feel better. They are so excited when arrive at his house.

Janice notices several locked door in house, she also spots the room where the maker make doll. While the other children excite and run around, Janice with her leg can’t walk well so she stays in room while other has fun.

While she is alone, she feels that there is someone nearby. That night Janice gets the piece of paper write “find me”, she is following the trail to the locked door.

She found mini house inside the room, she also found a key which she can open another locked door. She found a doll inside, she feels scare so she try to locked that door. But door keep open back even she close it many times.

Before she lefts the room, she see someone in the blanket walk to her but when blanket if off, she see no one inside. She is running back to her room.

Next day Linda is tricked by another girls to play find and seek but they never go to find her.  Linda found the place under the stairs to hide, she is freaked out by the doll inside. While other girls found scared crow in the barn, they make fun of it.

At night while few girls makes fun of the maker’s wife, they heard something nearby. It moves closer to them, they think they see maker’s wife inside their room. The maker said it’s not possible.

Next night, Janice goes in locked room again. Linda is following her in there too, she  feels too scare to stay so she leave Janice alone. While she is alone, she see the puppet is moving, the mini house’s light turn on. Then she see maker’s dead daughter, she asks her to help by give her soul to her. Janice try to run away but she get caught and throw down on the floor.

Next day after they taker her to cure, she try to tell sister about what happen but she doesn’t believe her. She try to convince her to leave but she said they have nowhere to go.

That night Linda goes to the locked room alone, she see the doll alone on chair. She scared and running back to her room. She see the foot prints coming to her, she see the dark shadow and the doll. She so scared and fell as sleep.

Next day when Janice is alone outside, someone push her to the barn. She try to hide inside but she is caught by maker’s sister. She put her soul inside her body, when Linda and sister shows up she seem fine and normal.

Linda tells other girls about maker’s daughter, but some of them doesn’t believe her. Next day she tells maker about Janice, doll and his daughter, he is upsets after found out about that doll.

Maker goes inside the house and found the doll, he see Janice that turn to the darkness. He try to fight it but he is break into pieces, sister found him dead when she back.

At night Linda try to help Janice by taken the doll away from her, sister found that Linda try to burn the doll down. She is following her to stop, she drops it to the well. But someone try to grab her down, sister help her up. They see someone try to get up from the well.

When they are back, they found doll instead of Janice. Sister goes to see maker’s wife, she tells her about story after her daughter died. They desperate to see her daughter, then one day they see their daughter. They say yes to agree to its term and make it stronger.

They see their daughter around, but when they notice that she is not her daughter. It try to get her soul but failed, evil stills in the doll. They lock the doll in lock room until Janice opened it up.

Girls are attacked by Janice, sister goes to check on her and go quiet. The other girls go to check around and see maker’s wife killed. Sister try to get other girls out but Janice show up.

Sister try to cast it out but they throw her on wall, Linda try to hide in room. Other girls try to escape with truck, but scarecrow is moving and attack them.

Linda running down to the basement, but she see it coming to her. She escapes back to upstairs and found Janice. When she grabbed Linda, sister shows up and lock her down in room.

They running out from the house while it try to break out the room, after police show up they found the doll and hole on the wall. Janice escaped from that room, police can’t find her anywhere.

Later than couple goes to orphanage to find adopt child, they meet Janice. She tells them her name is Annabelle.

12 years later, she growth up to a woman. One night her father heard something he wakes up and found her, she kill them all.