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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7

The Broken Man

…’s men is building the tower in his land, Clegane is one of his men. He tells him that he is cut down by woman.

Margaery stills reading in the Sept, she seems really believe in them. He try to convinces her to do her queen job. He wants her to convinces her grandmother and follower her path.

Margaery try to convince her grandmother, she failed. She try to get her out country but Margaery doesn’t want, she secretly gives her something.

Snow and Tormund go to convince wildling to fight with Bolton, they first not agree but finally they agree to help after he tells them after he failed they will come for them.

Cersei try to convince Olena to stay with her and fight the sparrow, but she still insist to leave kings’ landing.

Jaime and Bron join the Frey to fight with Blackfish, they threaten his nephew’s life if he doesn’t yield the castle. He won’t do it, Jaime organize Frey’s army again.

Snow goes to see Mormont and ask them for help, but they said why they have to sacrifice her men to someone else. Davos convinces them to help them, if Bolton still have Winterfell north will divided. They will not be able to stand the dead.

Jaime goes to see Blackfish in personal to convinces him to surrender, but he won’t be. He tells them they can kill his nephew if wanted.

Yara and Theon’s men arrive and rest at pier, their uncle will stills after them. She wants him to be himself. She tells him that they will got to Meereen and join them and take their ironborn.

Sansa tells Snow that they need more men, Snow tells her they will have to fight with people they have. She decides to send raven to someone who can help her.

Arya decides to leave Braavos, but she is injured by her trainer from faceless god. She escapes, while she wander in city she afraid of everyone.

One day when Clegane is working late, he notices something when he goes back. He found all his people are killed, he knows who is responsible.