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Spider-Man Homecoming (2017)

Toome’s workers start to fixing Avenger’s building that destroyed in the event of alien invasion, but government’s agent show up and stop them before they can finish they job. It upsets the worker because they tried to get contact to savage stuff they invest on truck and men, at last them steal alien ship’s piece and experiment with it.

8 years later, with alien technology Toomes created the weapon and use in robbery. Before the fight in Captain America civil’s war, Peter is escorts by Tony’s assistant and he is give him new suit to use. After that Tony dumps him and tell him to stay away from Avenger. He tells him they will call him back if there is a mission.

2 months later, Peter still not get any called from Tony. So he prepared himself for his own next mission instead, while his own school are focus on incoming.

Peter’s mission is to helping people in town while waiting the real mission from Tony, everything from catching thief to help grandmother cross the road.

One night he meets thieves try to robbing bank with high-tech weapons, but he failed to get them and they escape. He try to tell Tony about them but he can’t reach them, so he try to solve it by himself.

That night he blows up his cover to his best friend, Ned. He convinces him to cover for him. In exchange he want to help him fight crime too. But next day he almost exposes him at front of his crush, Liz. He is invited to her party with spider man because of Ned.

That night instead of go to Liz’s party, he found the Mason’s crew try to sell their weapon. He try to stop them but he makes the chaos around the town instead, Toome’s shows up and drop him off the sky. Fortunately he fells into the water and rescue by Tony.

Tony tell him to lay down, but Peter stills keep find the clue about them. Then he found them at school one day, he found them are following him to looking for their weapon that they drop last night. He put tracking on one of them and found that they are near DC.

He following them by decide to rejoin the school championship team to go near them, he found the secret in his suit while he try to deactivate the tracker in suit. He activated them and go out to find them, but after his suit activated he can use enchanted hearing, new weapon and new assistant.

That night he found Toome and crew try to rob the alien’s salvage truck, but during fight he is knocked out and wake up and found himself in the government locked facility. He managed to get out at the end but he late for the the championship but fortunately they win.

Peter found that what they get from them is going to explode, he try to warn Ned but it’s too late. They already are in trouble, but Peter success to get them out.

After that event, everyone at his school are crazy about spider man. While Peter found out about Toome’s plan and go to stop them on Ferry while they try to sell weapon.

He found that him and FBI are there try to stop him, Peter get rid of his weapon but it damage the ship and split it into pieces. Peter try to use his entire power to stop the split.

But he failed, finally Tony show up and help him again. He tells him that he already following them by contact with FBI to deal with this until he shows up and make it worst.

Tony upsets about him and take his suit back, after back home he is scold by his aunt. But later day he get dates with Liz for homecoming, he is so happy. That night he found that Toomes is Liz’s father and some how Toomes figure out about Peter and spiderman. He warned him to stay out of his way otherwise he will kill him and one he loved.

Peter decides to stop Toomes and dump Liz at homecoming, but he is stopped but his men. Ned shows up and help him out, he tells him to contact Tony while he is following him.

He found out that Toomes try to rob Stark’s plan, he following him to his lair and try to stop him. He is following him on the plane, they end up destroy the plane.

Peter fight with Toomes and found out that his suit going to explode he try to save him but he won’t listen, his suit explode but Peter save him and return him to Stark.

After that Peter found that Liz is transfer because her father is prisoner, he feels sorry for her. Then Tony wants to see him, he is taken to see him at new Avenger’s building.

Tony welcome him back to Avengers’s team but Peter refused his offer and wants to stay in his town. Later that few days Tony send his suit back to him.