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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6

Blood of My Blood

Meera carry Bran and escape from white walker, she is tried and can’t move anymore. Brann wakes up from warg and tell her that they found them. But a man in horse help them. He tells them to come with him while undead still coming after them.

Gily knows that Sam is nervous, he tells her about his father. He didn’t expected to come back his home. Gily see his family, they are happy to see him.

High sparrow allows Tomment to see Margaery, they are really miss each other. He tells her that he worried about walk of atonement. He found that Margaery is change her view.

At dinner, Sam’s father is not happy to see him. He tells them about how hard of his life beyond the wall. His father insults how he is a man, Gily defends him.

But he found out that she is wildling, he is upset his mother. He tells him he will stay there only night. He decides to take them out, he also take Valyrian sword from his home.

Arya decides not to follow Jeqan’s order, she tells her target that her colleague wants her dead. Arya’s trainer tells Jeqan about what she see, Jeqan decides to let her take care her.

Jaime and Tyrell join together and stop Margaery from atone her sin over the pleasant. They will use their army get rid of Sparrow, high sparrow decides to let them go after see the army. He shows them that the king support them.

Tomment discharge Jaime from kingsguard and get him out of the city, Frey takes Blackfish’s newphew back to him to remind him how Robb is died.

Brann wakes up and found his uncle Benjen, he tells him what happen when he lost. He is almost killed by white walker but he is saved by the children.

When Daenerys pass the place where her dragon is, she go alone and come back on her dragon. She convinces her people to fight for her.