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Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)

There is a lot of tales about father’s curse spreads among the people, at night a child, Henry row his boat on sea alone with the map he found. When he reach his position in map, he dive into the sea.

He lands on the flying Dutchman’s ship, once he is the ship emerges on the surface. Then he see his father, Will. He tells his father how to break his curse. He said that the trident of Poseidon will help him.

He tells him that he will find Jack and they will look for trident and safe him, flying Dutchman’s ship dive back to the sea.

A pirate’s ship is chasing by the navy, one of the crew, Henry found that they are heading to devil’s triangle. He try to warn his captain but nobody believe him and capture him instead. In jailed one of prisoner tells him that Jack is dead when he see the post of Jack.

Their ship heads into devil’s triangle, all they see is shipwreck. They found the ship heads to them, they try to shoot it down but nothing happen. They are attack by undead, they are lead by Salazar

He comes down to see Henry after heard his noise. He asks him if he can find Jack ? He tells him to get Jack and his compass, it only way to free him. He wants him to give the message to Jack that dead men tell no tales.

Carina escapes from her prison while her priest try to comfort her for last time, she goes out but she is chasing.

In town the bank owner is proud of his vault that no man can hack it, when they open the vault the found Jack inside. While they still confuse what happen, his crew prepare the pulling. They pull the entire vault with them, but instead they pull the entire bank.

While Carina is in the shop and has trouble, Jack shows up and make her following with him. But he dumps him as bait to soldier, he escapes with his vault. But after everything the vault they got is empty. His crew upset and leave him and his ship.

Henry wakes up and found captured, they capture him because they think that he run from battle. Carina goes to see him, she wants to know about trident. She tells him about diary that man can’t read, she tells him that they have to find trident. She is captured while Henry is escape.

While Jack is wandering around in town, he trades his compass for wine. Salazar and his crew found out that Jack finally give up his compass. They becomes free, Salazar said that now it’s time to hunt down the pirate.

Henry see that Jack is captured by soldier, he will be executed tomorrow. He is captured in prison, he disguise as soldier and goes to release him. Carina found that her stars is lead to the island.

Henry found Jack and disappoint, he tells him the way to break Will’s curse. He tells him about Carina who can help them find the trident. He tells him about Salazar and his message.

Barbarossa’s men tells him about Salazar, they tell him that they are coming for him. He goes to see his witch, Shansa. She tells him that the dead searching for Jack because he is looking for trident. She gives him Jack’s compass, tells him to find the trident before Salazar.

Jack and Carina are going to be hanging, Henry is nearby and try to help them out. Before execute, Carina and Jack start to argue it makes chance for Henry and Jack’s crew to help them.

Jack tells his crew that Henry and Carina will lead them to the trident, while Barbarossa’s ship is facing Salazar’s ship ahead. He makes a deal with him to find Jack.

Henry try to convince Carina to tell him the clue, Jack wants her to tell him the map if not he will throw him down. She tells him that she will in start and tell him tonight.

In past, Salazar devotes his life to hunt down all pirates. Jack was in the one of the pirate boat, his captain pass down his compass to him before he die. He lures him to following to devil’s triangle, his ship is destroyed and stuck there forever. Barbarossa leads them straight to Jack.

But Jack’s crew decides to betray him and put him row, they head to the island. While Salazar send his undead shark to kill them and following them.

Jack, Henry and Carina success to land. Salzar and his men can’t be on land, while Carina freaks out after see the undead she run into the trap on island. Jack and Henry found that they are on hangman island.

He found his ex-crew rule there, he wants him to pay him by married his sister. Barbarossa shows up with his men and stop his wedding, he tells him that he comes to get trident. They revive his black pearl back and use it to find the trident.

Barbarossa tells Carina that her book is stolen by someone, but he learned that she is his missing daughter. Seem what he wants the most is his daughter, Jack discover his secret too.

They found that they are chased by navy, but before they can attack Jack’s ship. They are killed by Salazar, then they are attacked by them. Carina sails them to the island where she think it’s is. They make it to island but Salazar takes Henry with him.

On Island they found the star on island, after put the last stone on them it’s show them where is trident. It’s split the sea into 2 side, Carina and Jack fell down in the gap. They head to the Poseidon’s tomb.

Salazar try to possesses Henry to kill Jack and get Trident, while his men try to take away the trident. Henry success get hand of trident, he cast Henry out. He use the trident to attack Jack.

Carina and Henry found that to break the curse they have to break the trident, Henry break the trident. Salazar and his men become human, without trident the sea starts to close. Barbarossa help them out before drown in sea.

During escape Carina found that Barbarossa is her father, but he sacrifice his life to help her. Jack, Carina and Henry are saved.

Henry and Carina is waiting for his father with flying Dutchman to come back, now his curse are gone. He and his family are live happy after that, Jack and his crew on black pearl sail out to eh sea.