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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5

The Door

Sansa gets message from Baelish, he wants to see her. She and Brienne go to see him, he tells her about army. She upset at him, he tells him what he did to her. She tells him that she won’t believe him anymore. He suggests her that if she needs an army she should look for her uncle.

Jaqen tells her that faceless man is the one who found the Braavos city, he gives her 2nd chance to atone her mistake. Sansa tells Jaqen what she saw and success.

Brann and 3 eyes raven go to see the ancient tree, while he see the creature make the white walker from men.

At ironborn’s meeting to make new king, Yara name herself as king. But many of them against her, Theon shows up and support her as queen, then their uncle, Euron show up there.

Yara tells them that first thing she will execute king’s murderer, Euron accepts what he did. Euron tells them that he will get dragon queen and march together with them and win the 7 kingdoms.

Yara and Theon escape from ironborn when Euron name as king, he found that they are escape. He wants to hunt them down, he found that they take their ships.

Jorah shows Daenerys his stone, he has no idea how much time he has. She sorry for him, he tells her that he love her. She commands him to heal himself and return to her.

Tyrion’s plan seem to work, city seem to be peace for now. He thinks the plan to make people safe but invite priest from lord of light. She is willing to help them, Varys asks her about Stannis and another priest of lord of light. She convinces him with secret from past.

Brann try to find out thing by himself without 3 eyes Raven, he saw the army of undead and knight king. He touch him, he wakes up. 3 eyes Raven tells him that they must leave now, he will come for him. And he will become him.

Snow and them try to figure out the ally that they can trust, she tells them about Blackfish. She wants to send Brienne to get help from her uncle, she tells her that she doesn’t trust anyone here.

Army of dead arrive to them quicker than expected, their barrier now is broken. Meera goes to wake him up and help him escape, undead break in. Meera kill one of the lord, Brann’s wolf is killed. They try to escape out, then night king shows up and kill 3 eyed raven.

Hodor try to hold the door while Meera takes Brann and escape, he found that he is the one who make Hodor this way.