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What Happened to Monday (2017)

In future, world has too much populations. The world faces the shot of food, but with the scientist they make crop that can help feed them. But it also bring genetic problem, then UN declared new law that one family must has only 1 child. One with more than children they will put them in sleep.

One of family give birth to 7 babies, their grandfather plan to hide them from the law. He named each of them from Monday to Sunday.

30 years later, Monday comes back from the work. Soldiers are taken the people children to sleep, people starts to resist the solider about that.

Monday to Saturday, all of them have different characters and habit and looks, they share their life, work. Monday is very stress for her presentation tomorrow, their grandfather teach them how to work together. Among them Friday is the most genius, he teaches them how to live secure one day by day for each of them. They can go out as long it’s their day, and never tell other about their sibling.

Thursday is the first one who get outside, he teaches how to live in the world. After comes back they have to share detail with other.

One of them, thursday wants to be in sleep, she sicks to be live in this life. In past she sneaks out and make the other worried, she tells them that she fell. She breaks her finger, their grandfather chops off the other finger as her. He tells them everything happen to one will happen to other.

One day Monday found out that the government start new protocol, now they will ask them the question when scan too. She was threaten by one of her work rival, That night they found that she didn’t back home.

They are wonder where she is, they are worried that she will never back then their life will be over.

Next day, Tuesday goes out and try to figure out where is Monday. Her doorman tells her that he didn’t see her come back, she pass the checkpoint and get inside company. She found that she get promotion, her assistant tells her that yesterday she left early for celebrate.

Tuesday goes to check at the bar, she found that Monday and Jerry has argued before she missing. They plan to corner him, then she is corned by CAB. They tell her to get in their van and cut her connection.

She is taken to see the head of CAB, seem she found what she did and about her 7 siblings. Tuesday try to refuse but they doesn’t believe her, she try to make a deal but they said it’s funny that was the last one said.

The other found out that Tuesday also missing, then they found out that CAB is at their door. They kill their doorman and looking for them, they hide while Thursday try to fight them. They help each other and kill them all. But during fight, Sunday is shot and dead. They found that Tuesday is dead.

Cayman tells his assistant, Joe that she need them to take care subtle otherwise it will destroy her credibility.

Thursday think that they want them to disappear but they didn’t know why, Wednesday goes out today to find out what Jerry knows. She approach him while her sisters keep eye on her. He tells her to pass promotion and he will keep her secret.

He tells her that he see her contact with Cayman, then he is shot by sniper. She try to get hand of the contact, while CAB’s agent heading to her. Wednesday try to fight them, she manage to kill one of them but she is surrounded by them. She manages to get gun and shoot at them. Then she jumps down and escape.

They chase her and start to shoot at public, while at their house CAB’s agent show up at door. They found he is a man at check point, he tells her that he saw her at CAB other day. They found out that he is one of their lover, Friday tells her to get close to him so she can hack to bureau.

Wednesday survived until they finish, Friday tells her to the roof. They tell her to jump over the building and escape, but Cayman assistant is on other side and wait there and kill her.

Saturday found that Monday is his lover and live together for while. She manages to let Friday get in the bureau. They hack in to the cell and check the feed, they found where they lock people and see Monday there.

Thursday tells Saturday that he will show the world who is Cayman, then her men shows up and kill Saturday. They also attack their home, Thursday try to get Friday out. But she doesn’t want to get out, she goes back to house. She set the trap and try to kill all of them.

Before died she sync all evidence of their existence to Thursday, Monday’s lover found out about explosion at his lover’s apartment. He rush to see her and found her body, He is very upset, when he back to his van Thursday is there. She tells him that Monday is in the Bureau.

She disguise as dead body and get in the bureau, they head down to the cell where they lock Monday. But they found out that instead of lock them down, they burn them into ash. They escape out from there and find Monday, but they found that one that locked is Tuesday. She is taken her eye out, she asks where is Monday.

Monday goes to see Cayman, she is working with her for her promotion. She makes her sign contact, she send Tuesday to hack into Cayman speech to take her down.

Monday found out about Thursday, she takes gun with her. She doesn’t like what she has to be done, she tells her what happen to others. After that they start to fight and Monday is killed.

Tuesday success to expose Cayman to public, all of them see her lies.Monday shows up and try to kill Thursday, Tuesday and Monday’s lover shows up and help her out. Thursday found that Monday is pregnant, she asks Thursday to help her children.

Her baby is saving, while Cayman face the execution.