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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4

Book of the Stranger

Sansa, Briene and Pod arrive at night watch to see Snow, he is very happy and surprise to see her.

Sansa tells Snow that they should take Winterfell back with help of wildling, but he tells her that he doesn’t want to fight anymore.

Melisandre tells Davos that she will serve Snow, Brienne tells Davos that she is the one who kill Stannis and she won’t forget what she did to Renly.

Royce upset when he see Baelsih arrive, he knows that he try to trick him by get Sans marry, he almost get killed. Baelish tricks him to march army to help Snow.

Tyrion and Varys try to negotiate with master who try to kill Daenerys, he offers them the plan that they will satisfy. After that he has to deal with the slaves who upset when they know that they negotiate with masters.

Jorah and Daario tracking her and arrive at Horse gate, Daario also found out about Jorah’s stone. They sneaks in temple to get her out, but they are notices by Khal’s men. They meet her, she tells them her plan.

Margaery is released, she wants to go to see her family but high priest tell her that it’s a sin. They talk about book of the stranger, seem she knows it well. He tells her about his past. Then he allow her to see Loras, he is weak and want to give up.

Tommen tells Cersei to careful to confront with high sparrow, because they have her. He tells her what he heard from high sparrow. She goes to see council, they plan to use Lannister’s army to get rid of high sparrow.

Theon goes back to the Ironborn and found that his father is dead, his sister asks him how to do. He tells her that he wants to help her rule the ironborn.

Osha try to kill Ramsay but she is killed first by him, he knows about her from Theon. He said now Rickon is belong to him.

He send letter to Snow and tell him to send Sansa back to him, and he has Rickon. Otherwise he will kill him.

Sansa tells him that if he raise help, the loyalty of north will answer to him. They must save their brother.

At the trial, Daenerys is at front of the council of Khal. She tells them that she will leads the Dothraki instead of them. She burned all of them to die. Then she walk out from the fire, she tells them that she will rule them they thought that she is god.