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The Hitmans Bodyguard (2017)

Bryce wakes up in morning and go to his work, he works as private bodyguard CEO. Today he escorts the Japanese man to the airport, but he failed his client is killed while he is in airplane.

2 years later, he lost everything and become a private bodyguard. Today he has to escorts his client from his place, he is chasing by someone. He already take care all hitmans who after him, he escorts him to his old car instead.

At Belarus, president and his men search the university professional’s house after he teach his class to offend him. He captured his family and kill them for treason. Laser that 3 years at the court, he testify on the president for what he did to his family.

At Interpol, Kincaid agreed to testify on president to make his wife, Sonia free. They escort him to the court from Manchester. Bryce’s ex wife, Ameria is also in the escort team.

During the way, they are ambush. All escorts team are killed, only Kincaid and Ameria alive. He help her clean them up, but he is injured. She try to escorts him to court alone. He suggest her to call someone that not Interpol to help. She called Bryce to help.

Sonia is locked in Dutch’s prison, she is captured because him. She upsets to him, Interpol tells her men to add more security on her.

Bryce goes to see Ameria and Kincaid at the safe house, he is upset because of her that he lost the client. He thinks that she is the one who leaks his client name. She said she didn’t.

When they meet each other, Bryce and Kincaid knows and hate each other. They end up make Kincait faint because lost of blood, she tells him about his testimony. She tells him to keep him alive, then she will get his career back.

Interpol’s mole gets notice that Kincaid is in the safe house, he sent his men there also the Interpol’s agent. But because of Kincaid shots the president’s men, that make Interpol’s agent go after them too. But they manages to escape out without them notice.

Ameria goes back to Interpol, they found that she get Bryce to help them. She tells them that their office has leak, their mole convinces Ameria to help him. She doesn’t know and agreed.

On the way to court, they talk about their life and business. Kincald tells him how he got arrest, while both of them have different work style. They are chasing by them but Kincald takes care them but they lost car.

They hitchhiker on the nun van, Kincaid make friends with them while Bryce keep his grunt. They take the ferry across the ocean to Amsterdam, he takes them to safe house. But he escapes from Bryce, while entire city are full of president’s men.

Bryce found that he goes to visit his wife, he get rids the hitman during the way without him notices. But Kincald knows about it.

Bryce found out that it’s Kincald that shot his client, he accidentally saw him when he leaving. He found it’s not Ameria that expose his client, he upset and dump Kincald. He is surrounded by present’s killer, while Bryce keep calm and do nothing. But finally he decides to help him.

Both Interpol and President’s men are after him, Bryce following them and help him out. But he is captured by President’s men, they try to asks him where is Kincald. He tells them he is behind them but they don’t believe, Kincald kill all of them and get him out.

They are at Hague where court is, but president men surround them. They try to blend in the city but they are spotted anyway, they are split. They both are chased down by them, Bryce try to shakes them out and go to help Kincald.

Bryce and Kincald arrive at he court, they make it on last second. He testimony on the president, he tells them about how they meet. He also has all prove that he ordered to kill the innocent.

Ameria notices that Interpol’s mole might plan something, she following him. While president there confess everything in court, he plan something. He ordered the truck with the bomb inside head to the court. He try to bomb the court, in chaos president try to kill Kincald but Bryce protect him.

President get chances and escape with helicopter, Bryce tells Kincald to finish him. He following him and try to shoot him down. He takes down his helicopter and kick him down the roof.