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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3


Davos see Snow revive from dead, he is also surprise. Melisandre also surprise for what she done. Snow remember everything before die, she asks him what he see when he died. He tells her there is nothing.

The night watch and wildling are very surprise to see Snow alive, Tormund tells him that wildling thinks that he is god.

Instead of take Gily to old town, he takes her back to his home instead so they can have life.

Brann and 3 eyed raven go to see his father’s past while they had fighting with Targaryen’s knight. He comes for his sister, but his father is weaker than him. But someone help him out to defeat him, he is heading to tower.

Brann tells 3 eyed raven that he doesn’t want to be an old man in tree, but he must learn everything.

Daenerys is arrive at Khal, they take her to the place where all Khal’s widow are there. They will trail her for he didn’t return to them when Drogo died.

Varys questions one of sons of harpy about their mission, he threats her son life. He tells her that if she cooperates she and her son will leave to Pentos. She tells him that they are fund by master.

Cersie, Jaime plan to kill everyone who wrong her that day, they also plan to kill high sparrow. She also wants to be in council meeting, they want king’s landing to take care of Dorne. All of them disagree by leave the meeting.

Tommen and his knights goes to see High sparrow, he wants Cersei to mourn her daughter. He try to convince him on his cunt.

Umber tells Ramsay about wildling and Snow, he ask help from him to fight with wildling. He gives him, Rickon and Osha as present.

Snow executes the men who kill him that night, after that Snow tell them that he will leave Castle black. His watch is end.