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The Mummy (2017)

In the past, crusade knights are gathering and put one of knight in coffin with his gem. Now in present, after machine success open the knight tomb while they dig the tunnel. They found 2nd crusade knight who invade the Egypt.

Henry is lead his men to stop the other to disturb the tomb, there is a incident about Ahmanet inside the tomb. She was princess in pharaoh but later that she lost her position to his wife, she make promise to Set to get power. She receive dagger with red gem, she becomes monster. She killed her father and his wife and their son, but when she try to bring darkness to world. She is stopped and mummy alive, she is buried in darkness forever.

Nick wants to going to Haram to get treasure for Henry for pay back, he forces his friend to go with him in village to help him. They are firing at by armed insurgent, but his friend call air strike to save their life. It chases down the armed insurgent out, after attack he found Haram buried in the ground.

Dr Jennifer shows up and complaint that Nick steals map from her, but after she spot the Haram she is very happy. She tells the colonel that she need time to secure the Haram.

Nick and her get down and check the Haram, they found mercury drop from the wall. She said Egypt believe it will weak down the evil, after they enter deeper they found the other tomb. There is a well with the watcher around it, Halsey found that this is not tomb but prison.

Nick manages to pull the coffin up from the well, while he looks at the coffin he see Ahmanet in his vision.

They take the coffin back with them, Nick spot a lot of crow around following the coffin. After the take off, sand storm is coming hit at them.

Nick starts to see vision about Ahmanet, while his friend after he is bite by spider at tomb. He becomes undead, he kill the general and try to kill the other. Nick shots him several time before stop, then their plane is attacked by crow and crash down.

Jennifer is asked to identify the body, while in morgue Nick wakes up and found himself still not dead same for his dead friend.

They are looking for coffin in crash site, search team found several body and one of them found the coffin with mummy. When he try to check the body, he is killed and eaten, then other also eaten. She wakes them as her army and heading to village.

Jennifer tells Nick about knife and jewel, and Arhmanet. Nick keeps see his friend since he wakes up. His friend tell him that he is cursed, he tells him that Ahmanet has plan for him.

He imagine that is attacked by the rats and Ahmanet is after him, he try to tell Jennifer about Ahmanet but she doesn’t believe. He tells her that he know where is the coffin.

Ahmanet killed several people and get the life back, Nick leads Jennifer to where Ahmanet is. He found himself in the church with several mummy, Armanet shows up. She try to invited Set in Nick’s body, but she found that her jewel missing.

Jennifer shows up and see what happen, he tells her to run but Ahmanet attack her. He helps her out and escape with dagger or set. But she controls his mind and make him goes back to her.

They are attacked by her army, while she is getting her. Soldiers shows up and capture her and him. They are taken to Henry, he found that he is the antique and rare collector.

He found that Henry sick and he needs some cure, he shows him Ahmanet. She is chained, he tells him that he is working on destroy evil. She is the most evil he ever found, he wants to dissect her. For him he will be Set’s body, she tells her that if he become Set he will be able to control power, and he will has her.

From mercury that injected into her, she release him from her control. Armanet found the stone, she tells Jennifer that Henry plan to use dagger on Nick to get to Set.

Jennifer goes to ask Henry about it, he accepts that. Henry’s symptom shows up while he try to injected himself, Nick stop it. Henry becomes Hyde, Nick is locked with him. They fight, while Ahmanet control one of them and release herself.

Nick manages to stop Hyde and change him back to Jekkle, Jennifer tells him that he knows where to find and destroy the stone. Ahmanet call her sand to help her bring him back.

Nick see his dead friend again, he leads him to the stone. He wants to delivery him and stone to her, so his work is done. Ahmanet call the dead to attack them and get stone.

Ahmanet grab Jennifer from Nick, he try to following her but he lost them. He found her body drowned, he try to help her out while undead army following him. He is taken to Ahmanet, she try to make him give in to her but he won’t.

Nick manages to steal dagger of Set, he try to breaks the stone. But then he decides to stab himself and become Set, But he try to control power and beat her down, he takes her power back and turn her back to mummy. He put the life back to Jennifer,

Jennifer wakes up and found Ahmanet’s body, she see Nick but seem he doesn’t belong to himself. After that he escapes, he tells her he will find her.