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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2


Bran stills stay with 3 eyes crow, both of them wrag to some where else in the past. They look at his father’s past, he also see Hodor who can talk. Seem he and Lyanna knows each other. He drags him back before he drown, Brann said that it was his home.

Meera has told that Brann will need her help when he is outside, the war is coming to them.

At night his men still not back, Thorne asks them to come out otherwise they will died. While they try to open door, giant and wildling break out the gate and make them surrender.

One of pleasant talk bad to Cersei while he drunk, he is killed by kingsguard. She is forbid to get out red keep by order of her son.

Tommen thinks that Cersei order to kill Trystane, he is upset to her. He feels so bad that he is the king but he has no power. High priest shows up to Jaime, he confess a lot of thing to him.

He try to provoke him but he found that he surround by Sparrow. He has no choice but let him leave.

Tommen goes to apologize Cersei, she seems to be calm. He tells her that he wants to avenge her.

Varys tells Tyrion and other that all master gets their slave back. Tyrion tells them that they should free her dragon. He goes in the cave to free them out, when he is inside he start to think that he makes mistake. He convinces them not eat them, he free both of them out.

Arya finally pass Jaqen’s test, he gives her eyes back. Ramsey tells Bolton that they should follow Sansa to the night watch where Snow there, but he disagree because they will make all north against them.

Bolton has another boy, Ramsey tells him that he is happy for him and kill him by himself. Ramsey tells the other that Bolton is poisoned by enemy, he also kill Bolton’s wife and her newborn by feed to his hounds.

Brienne tells Sansa about Arya she met but she lost her, Theon afraid to go to see Snow because what he have done. Sansa promises him to protect him, he said he wants to go back home.

Greyjoy is upset after he lost the castle, his daughter tells him she is not sorry to try to rescue Theon. Greyjoy meets his brother who suppose to die long time ago. He kill him that night, next day they tell her daughter that by law she has to win the fight to become king.

Davos asks Melisandre to help Snow and bring him back, he tells her that she didn’t need the god to help her. She uses her magic and revive him from dead. She thought that she failed, but she did.