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Wonder Woman (2017)

Diana is at the Louvre the same day that Wayne’s guard takes her briefcase to her hand, she received the picture of her that taken from the past.

While she was a child, she wants to practice hot wot fight like the other amazon, while her mother, the queen thinks that she should study instead of training.

Her general tells her it’s time for Diana to start her training, her mother doesn’t agree. She doesn’t want her to fight. She tells her the story about Zeus, Ares and Amazon. Ares jealous of human that Zeus created, he make people fight each other. Zeus create also Amazon to help people, Ares kill all of them until he fight with Zeus.

Zeus success beat down Ares but before died he create amazon’s island to protect them from Ares. Later she shows her the weapon that can kill the god, But at night, her general secretly training Diana in secret.

One day her mother found out that the general secretly train her, she upset. She tells her that Ares might alive and will find her. She decides to let her train and it has to be harder than the other.

Diana grow up as strong and beauty amazon, one day during training she release her true power and knock down her training.

One day while she is on shore, she saw the airplane head to island and crash down. She jumps down and help the pilot out, he is chasing down from the Germans’s army They following him and pass the barrier.

Her army shows up and fight with them with arrows and sword, while they are shot with guns. While Diana is going to shot, her trainer protect her from gun and get shot instead. Before died she tells her to take god’s killer.

Amazon try to questions Steve, he won’t tell them anything. but with their lasso, it forces him to tell the truth.

He tells them that he is British spy, he try to get secrets from German. He found that they have Doctor Poison who help them build the weapon. He stolen her book and destroy her facility before escape.

He tells them he needs to back so he can stop the war, he found that they have no idea about the war. Diana tells them that this might be Ares’s work, she wants to go out and stop them.

Her mother tells her that she will do nothing as she is not amazon like the other, after talk to Steve. She decides to go out and help him with war, she takes the sword and shield from the tower. She escapes out of island with him, but her mother shows up and let her goes. Before left, she tells her there is no man on earth deserve her.

She asks him to take her to where is intense fighting, that is where she will find Ares. But he doesn’t believe her, she tells her that she is built from clay by her mother and make alive by Zeus.

Doctor Poison continue her work, she tells the general that she needs her book otherwise she might not finish. She gives him the formula that can restore his strength.

Steve takes Diana to London, she surprises to see a lot of thing in city. He tells her he will takes her to the war when he delivers the book. With his secretary, they take her to buy new cloth.

While they are in city, they are ambush by other spy. He is beaten up but Diana manages to knocks them down.

At the British’s meeting, she become the attention in the room immediate she is at room. He gives them the Doctor poison notebook, they try to translate it but no can. Diana can read her notebook and found about gas mention.

He asks them to stop her operation but they said they can’t send army while they are negotiate with them, they don’t want him to interfere.

Diana is upset about that, Steve tells her they will go anyway. He goes to recruit his friend to help them, Sameer and Charlie. They are surprise to see her ability, one of his boss shows up and support their secret mission.

On the way to the front line, she see injured soldiers. She feels awful for them, while Germans general Ludendorff decides to kill all his commanders as they don’t want to continue war.

Diana and them go to front and see suffered people, they tell her that the german is in opposite side. She see one of people, she wants to help them. Steve tells her that nothing they can do now, she upset and go out alone by herself through the field of firing.

She is stormed by machine gun, Steve and other following her and get them one by one. Because of her they take the field and city back. She destroy the tank, stop the bullets and beat soldiers.

After that town people cheers on them, before left they take her picture. Then Steve gets news that Ludendorff is nearby. His commander tell Steve to chase further to destroy the peace. But he insist to continue.

Next day they head to Ludendorff ‘s castle, Steve try to disguise as German inside. Diana find the way and get in too with her way. They meet Ludendorff and Doctor Poison inside there, Steve found that Diana intention is try to kill Ludendorff. He try to stop her before she got both of them killed.

They found that German fire gas to the city they just saved, Diana and Steve rush back to there and found all people are killed. She blames him for stop her, he makes those people killed.

She following Ludendorff to his facility, she gets in and fight with Ludendorff. He uses the formula and fight with her, she believe that he is Ares. After kill him she found that he is not Ares and the war still continue.

She is upset about man, Steve convinces her that man can be worst and can be help. He asks her to help him stop war, she won’t. He goes to stop the gas by himself, then she see Steve’s commander. He is actually Ares.

After talk with him, she found out that she is child of Zeus. She is the one who can kill god, he shows her the nature of man. He try to recruit her to be his side, She starts to fight with him.

While Steve and his friends try to stop them, they tells him that the bomb is on timer too. It’s set to London, Steve decides to sacrifice himself, he gives her his watch before left.

While she is beaten down, she see the sacrifice of Steve and his friends to stop the war. She upsets when see Steve die, she killed all Germans in hits. Then she knocked down Ares.

After he is killed, human seems to be back into their peace. After that the war is over and peace is signed.