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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1

The Red Woman

Snow’s wolf knows about what happen and try to help him, Davos heard its sound and found Snow’s body. He tells them to carried him inside, then the red woman, Melisandre shows up. She tells them she saw him march to Winterfell. His friends want to revenge Thorne but they are outnumbered, Davos tells them that Snow has another friend, if they want to revenge.

While at night watch’s meeting Thorne confess that he killed him because Snow betrayed wildling. He convinces the other night watch that he did right.

Ramsey found out that Sansa is missing, his lover is dead. Bolton tells him that because of him, Theon and Sansa gone and they need them for north.

Sansa and Theon throw off Ramsey’s hound, they still being chased by them. Theon lures them to some where else but failed. They found her, Brienne shows up and rescue her. She becomes her knight.

Cersei found that Jaime is back, but she is heartbreak when found that her daughter is dead. She tells him that long times ago, witch told her that her child will died.

Margaery tells high priest that she has nothing to confess, he tells her only she confess so she can leave.

Oberyn’s brother, Doran is killed by Oberyn’s lover, she takes his power and control Dorne.

Tyrion and Varys try to figure out how to fix the city, they found her people try to plan to do something. Then they heard the bell, they found that the city’s pier is burned.

Jorah and Daario tracking Daenerys and found her tracing, he thinks the Horde has her. They following them to get her, while Daenerys is taking to Khal.

She tells them she is the queen, but he doesn’t care. He wants to have baby with her, she refused then she tells him that she was Drogo’s queen. They tells her when Khal’s queen die, she has to be in the temple to live for him.

At Braavos, Jaqen try to teach Arya  to fight when she blinds. Thorne try to convince Davos to get out, otherwise they will dead at night. Davos thinks the red woman, Melisandre may can help them.

At night after Melisandre takes off her magic, actually she is old woman.