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Despicable Me 3 (2017)

Bratt was TV start villain, one day he found out that he become old and get fire from his TV Show. He becomes real villain in real world.

He is found that he is going to stole diamond, the agency call Gru and Lucy to stop him. Gru faces him alone, he manages to get diamond back but Bratt escape.

At the agent’s meeting, they introduce the new boss, Valerie. She complains that because of him, Bratt gets away. He and Lucy get fired, they go back home.

When go back they found that his house has unlocked, he found that his children throw party for them. He tells them that he get fired, his minion happy and though that he will back to villain but he said no. Minions start to protest and going to leave him.

At France, Bratt goes to steal the diamond again and this time he success, that night someone comes to meet Gru at house. He is Frez, he is waiting to see him the next day and tell him that he has twin brother.

He goes to see his mother and ask him about his twin, she tells him that when she and his father separate they agreed to split the children.

He decides to go to see his brother, he found a lot of pigs at his house. Frez tells him that it’s his brother business.

He meets his brother, Dru. He is seem friendly and happy to see all of them, but Gru seem jealous of him. He richer than Gru, while he send his kids and Lucy out. He shows him his hideout, he found out that his father is also villain, Bald terror.

Gru tells him that he is not villain anymore, Dru shows him his gadget. Lucy lost her children while they are enjoy the festival, Agness and Edith are missing because they are looking for unicorn, Lucy thought they are in danger and knock all of them in shop down.

Dru and Gru are chasing by police after Dru steal few candy from shop, they escape from them. Gru feel fun.

While their minions following the pizza to the studio, they accidentally get on singing stage. They did the wonderful sing and win the prize but they are arrest for trespass.

Dru try to make Gru back to villain, Gru tells him that they should steal the largest diamond in world.

Agness is happy that she will see unicorn in wood, but Gru fail to tells her that unicorn is not exist, he end up didn’t tell her.

Minions are arrest in prison and become the boss inside, but they are missing Gru. They decides to break out and go back to him.

Agness and Edith go in the wood and try to find unicorn, Gru tells Dru about Bratt’s lair and his plan how to get diamond.

After Lisa win Margo’s heart, she try to tell Gru about it but she found out that Gru and Dru go on the secret mission.

Agness and Edith meet one horn goat instead but Agness believe that it’s unicorn, she is very happy.

Gru and Dru get in Bratt’s lair, but Dru is like a weight on him who make his mission more difficult. He end up notice Bratt, but they found that he building the giant robot. But Gru manages to get out, when they are in danger Lucy show up and help them.

Dru is upset after he found out that Gru try to take diamond to get his job back, they start to fight. But Bratt disguise as Lucy and steal his children and diamond, Gru tells Dru to help him get his children back.

Bratt’s giant robot walk over the shore of Hollywood, he attacks the city with his gum. He try to send the part of city out of space like in the show.

With Dru and his minions’s help, they manage to destroy his robot. Gru manages to knock out Bratt,

At night, Dru takes his minions and out as villain.