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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 10

Mother’s Mercy

After the sacrifice, the weather becomes better. But Stannis stills upset for what he did to his daughter. But then his men tells him that half of his army is gone, then he found out that his wife suicide. Then his men tells him that Melisandre escape, he tells his men to march to Winterfell.

Snow tells Sam that his dragonglass are gone, but seem they can fight them with Valyrian steel. But they don’t have that much, Sam wants him to send him and Gily to be maester. But Snow tells him that he need him, but he convinces him.

Stannis army arrive at Winterfell, Sansa find the way and try to escape out while they are chaos of preparing for war. Pod and Brienne also notices about Stannis’s army near by. She stills waiting for her signal, but Brienne leaves before she see the signal.

As soon Stannis there, Boldon send out his army to surround him. His army is crushed, Stannis is injured. Brienee shows up to him and avenge him for Renly.

Sansa try to escape but she is top by Ramsey’s lover, Theon decides to help her out the castle. They jump off the wall.

Arya changes her face and get in and kill her enemy from her list, she tells him that she is Arya Stark. After back to Jaqen, she is captured. He kills himself instead, while she cried for him. He shows up and the back and tell her that she still has face. Then she become blind.

Jaime takes his daughter and fiance back to King’s landing, while travelling he decides to tell her that he is her father. But seem she already knew, then she died from poison. Oberyn’s lover kiss her with poison before leave.

Tyrion, Jorah and Daario decide to looking for Daenerys at north. But Daario thinks that Tyrion should be in city to protect along with Missendei and Grey worm. Varys shows up and help Tyrion.

Her dragon injured, she try to force it take her back but he won’t listen. She try to looking for food by herself, but instead she meets the tribe.

Finally Cersei gives up and confess for her sin, she confess that she slept with Lancel, but she didn’t accept that she has children with Jaime. But he tells her that she will be on trial.

He tells her that Mother’s Mercy she will be return to red keep. But before she can return they remove her hair. At front of the Sept, they force her on trial at front of people. They take off her cloth and force her walk back to castle. During the way she is insulted by pleasant. She finally manage back to castle.

Davos try to get help from Snow, but then they see Melisandre instead. She tell them all of them are dead. That night Snow heard from one of wildling that Benjen alive, he following them and get in the trap. He is killed by night watch and his steward.