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Transformers The Last Knight (2017)

At past in England, the army of king Arthur fight with barbarian. They are waiting for their magician Merlin to help, they are overwhelm by enemy.

Merlin is on the way to get help from alien, he needs help from them to win the war. He convinces him to help him, he gives the staff that can control the transform dragon. He tells him to protect the staff until the devil will come for it, with the staff they win.

1600 years later, Optimus Prime is leave to find his maker while Megatron also missing. Transformer now illegal on earth, both of them fight each other.

One day NASA notices something on sky coming to earth, few of kids want to see some robot they break into forbidden zone. They wander around and found the dead machine, they accidentally wake one of them. They are targeted by guard machine, but a young girl shows up and help them out.

They found that actually her home is covered by Canopy one of the transformer, because of them the soldier detect him too. They thought he try to hurt the kids, he fire at him and send man to help the kids out.

Then Cade shows up, he and Bubble Bee destroy the patrol machine and help them out. He get in there and try to help the survivor, he gives him the old talisman.

Then he is arrested by soldiers, they try to make him talks about where the other transformer. Bee shows up and help him out, he try to make them cease fire.

Military found Megatron and Decepticon, they talks about staff that has power. They decides to get them before Megatron.

Optimus Prime arrives at Cybertron, he meets Quintessa. She is his god, she tells him that it’s them that destroy the world. She uses her power and control him. She tells him that one of her knight stole her staff and hide at earth. She tells him that the staff is only thing that can revive Cybertron.

In Folcan’s castle, the robot shows his master, Edmond about talisman and knight. He tells his robot that now it’s begin.

Viviane is working as guide at Oxford’s museum, she explains the visitors about King Arthur Merlin and his dragons. She doesn’t believe that any of them are exist, Edmond goes to see her and tell her car it has to be ready.

Other of Autobot is hiding among Indian, Cade and other back to them and found it’s hard to control the other to keep quiet.

While trader shows up and found his talisman, he tells them that it’s important and he wants to trade it. Then a little girl shows up and tells Cade that she wants to stay and fight with them.

The other people start to cover the 6 ship horns at different locations. Edmond tells them after see that Cybertron is coming.

Megatron make deal with CIA to work with human, they want him to help them find the staff. He wants his people back with him in return, soldier decides to use him by track him to weapon.

Megatron leads the Decepticon and soldier to where Cade is, Cade notices them and try to escape. They escape to abandon town, Decepticon following them to there where they make the trap and chase them out.

Soldiers sent their drone to attack them, while they escape they found the robot, Cogman in the lift. He tells him that he is ordered to get him, Cade is attacked by many drone but he stills survive.

Cogman tells him that he is chosen, he tells him if he will his friends they will be in danger. He decides to leave them and will with Cogman to england.

Viviane is kidnaps by her own car, it takes her to Folcan’s castle. While Cade and Bee arrive at the castle and meet Edmond, then Viviane also show up.

He explains them the stories of Transformer on earth and his family long story, in past his family fight with Bee. He tells them about King Arthur and Merlin, he said that his castle build around the first round table. In past Arthur fight along with the 12 Transformers, he tells him that he is the last knight.

He tells them about Merlin’s staff, staff is buried with Merlin. He tells her that she is the Merlin descendant. He tells them that Cybertron is coming and only one world will survived.

Her car, Hot rot cant slow the time. While the other use chances to escape, they go Viviane’s house to find lead to the staff. While Edmond found out that the staff is at the Stonehenge.

Viviane found that the leads is at Navy museum, they get in one of the submarine and drive it out. It’s also one of Transformer, soldier team following them.

Edmond sneaks in to see England Prime minister to tells him what he has to do, their submarine take them to the alien ship.

Viviane leads Cade to where is the staff, soldiers and Megatron are also there. She found where is Merlin’s tomb. Cade upset when they found that the staff is just the old stick.

He accidentally wake one of the knight, it try to attack them. Viviane activated the staff with her hand, some knight show up and try to protect it. Optimus shows up and force her to get the staff.

She has no choice but give to him, Cade thinks that Optimus is not himself. He tells Bee to go after him, while the alien ship is surfaced.

Cade try to stop him before it’s too late, while he is going to kill Bee. Bee remind him who is him and make him remember, he come back to normal. Megatron shows up and take staff from him.

12 Knights shows up and beaten Optimus, they are going to kill him. Cade stop them by use his talisman that change to sword. He convinces Optimus that only him can safe the earth.

Optimus and soldiers now working together to stop Quintessa and Megatron, they will drop Viviane on Cybertron and steal staff.

Megatron is attacked by army lead by Edmond, the other Autobot shows up and try to help them to get Viviane through.

Megatron takes staff to Quintessa, she tells him to stop her. She activated the staff and revive the planet. Soldier try to destroy the chamber on Cybetron to make the hole for them to get in.

They manages to land on Cybetron near where staff is, Megatron and his men show up. Cade leads Viviane to near the staff, but they failed. Soldier decides to use nuke on it, they change plan not to take Viviane there.

Optimus shows up with 12 knights and fight them, Viviane thinks their plan will not work. She decides to get in there as the first plan, after 2nd plan execute it doesn’t work.

But Viviane and Cade success to get in the chamber, she gets the staff and stop the process.

Optimus and Bee get rid of Quintessa and stop it. Autobot and other are safe and escape out the explosion. Optimus takes the staff and fix Cybertron and take it out of earth.