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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 9

The Dance of Dragons

At night Melisandre notices something happen, Stannis’s camp is on fire. Next day they found that someone from Bolton come to set fire.

Snow leads the wildling back to the wall, he fears that they won’t open for him but finally they did.

After lost supply Stannis asks the night watch to send them supply, Davos surprises that Stannis want to take all his family with him to siege. He found that Shireen is reading book the dance of dragons, he expects that when he come back she will read it to him.

Oberyn’s brother ask why Jaime is in city, he tells them that his king want the princess back. He agreed but he has to take Trystane, princess finance with him and make him in council. Jaime asks them to release Bronn too.

Jeqan sends Arya to give a man the gift, but at the pier she notices one of her enemy she forget her task. She following him everywhere, she gets chance to close to him and he almost remember her. She backs to Jaqen tells him that she failed.

Oberyn’s brother gives Oberyn’s lover another chance to prove herself, otherwise she will died.

Stannis tells Shireen that she can help him win the war by sacrifice herself to the fire. They takes her to burn, they believe that they will survive.

At the fighting pit, Daenerys stills not like what she saw there. Tyrion also dislike it too, but her fiance tells her this is tradition. then she see Jorah again in the pit, he win.

Then there is attempt to kill the queen, Jorah stop them by kill one of them. The people starts chaos, after that she takes him back. They are surrounded by sons of  the harpy, and they are outnumber. Then her dragon show up and protect her.

But it injured by them, she climb up to it and fly out to protect it. Tyrion is so impressed what he saw.