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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 8


Tyrion is at front of Daenerys, he try to convince her to spare his life. He offers to help her rule the land, he try to helps Jorah back on her side but she fire him again.

Cersei is punished and force to confess, she is very upset. She is informed that she will be on trial on charges about kill the king, treason. She found that her son is sad and won’t eat anything. Her maester tells her to confess so she can get out but she won’t.

Arya learned how to be someone else with Jaqen. After she success, he starts to give her a task.

Sansa try to convince Theon again to help her, she is upset for what he did. Sansa found out that he didn’t kill her brothers, they still alive.

Bolton decides to siege when Stannis attack, but Ramsey disagree. He wants to fight with him.

Tyrion gives some advice to Daenerys to prove that his life is worth, he try to get Jorah back on her side. She decides to keep him to help her get her throne. But he tells her that she should not. Nobody there will support her, he tells him that she wants to break the wheel of fighting between house.

Snow is going to Hardhome to convince the wildling to join with them, some of them doesn’t agree with him. Sam tells them that when darkness come, they need every man alive.

Tormund takes Snow to wildling camp, they want to discuss with elders. But king of bones stop them, Tormund kill him. At the elder’s meeting Snow try to convince them to fight white walker with them. He also offered them the land and new life.

With Tormund’s help they are agreed to join Snow, some of them still doesn’t believe him. Tormund tells Snow that when there is nothing to eat they will be come.

While they are leaving they spot the army of undead, they are closing to them than they think. The rest of them now glad to following Snow.

Snow and Tormund go back to stop them and help them flee, they spot fews of nightwalker. They use dragonglass to kill them, Snow manage to kill one of them.

Many of wildling are killed and turn by them, Snow and other barely escape. They see that now all wildling who killed now awake from death.