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The Space Between Us (2017)

People starts to think how to live on Mar, Nathaniel is one of them. He leads the project to start to live on Mars, he plans with East Texas of Mars.

At the opening, he introduces the lead astronaut and her team, Sarah. Her team will be on Mar for 4 years.

2 months later, Sarah learned that she pregnant. Nathaniel and his team think want to hide about this from NASA, otherwise their project will failed. Sarah also agree to keep it internal and see how it’s happen.

After her team land on Mars, she gives birth to Gardner and died. Nathaniel and his team found that Gardner has weak organ due to gravity, he will not survive back on earth. For his safety they decide to keep him classified.

16 years later, Gardner growth up as teenage. He helps and work with Kendra as his guardian. He wants to know who is him, he found out about his father from his mother’s belong.

Gardner has communicate with Tulsa, girl from earth. But she has no idea where is him. He always want to go back to earth to see her.

Tulsa lives with Chuck, but he is drunker. He has to work on farm to keep the property, but he is waste.

Kendra informs Nathaniel about Gardner, she, NASA and his team wants to bring Gardner back to earth. But Nathaniel doesn’t agree.

But at the end they agree and prepare him to come back to earth, Kendra as her guardian come back with him.

Once Gardner is on earth, he has to have many checks around and get quarantine. Nathaniel comes to see him, he worried about his body.

Gardner thinks they try to send him back to Mars, he make the distraction and escape from his quarantine. He escapes from facility by hiding in truck.

Nathaniel gets help from police state to find him, Kendra thinks that he just wants to keep him secret.

With help of stranger he found how to get to Colorado where Tulsa is. He took the bus to see her. Kendra tells Nathaniel about Tulsa, they will head to there for him.

Gardner goes to see Tulsa at her college, she slap him because he is gone for a while. He try to explain her how hard before he could come here.

He tells her that he comes from Mars but she doesn’t believe him, he try to convinces her to help him find his father.

But while he is at Tulsa’s house, Nathaniel and Kendra shows up. He try to escape from them. With help from Tulsa, Gardner jumps on her plane and take off.

But their plane is crash down, they jump off before explosion but Kendra and Nathaniel lost them.

On the way, Tulsa steals all the way to get to this father. She discover about Indian Shaman who give his father wedding. While Nathaniel and Kendra found that Gardner’s heart is weakling.

On the way, Tulsa and Gardner sleep together. They are looking for Shaman and found his village. For there they found his father house, Gardner found out that he is bleeding.

They head to California, Gardner is not well and collapse. They sent him to hospital, she found that he is dying and didn’t lying.

Tulsa help him escapes out and go to see his father, after they arrive there Gardner shows him his mother’s picture. But he found that he is not his father but his uncle and Nathaniel is his father.

His condition is worst, they send him back to no gravity to lower his pressure. He becomes stable, but both of them know that he has to go back to Mars.

After that Tulsa is send to foster home, one day Kendra shows up and adopt her. Kendra is running training program, she invites Tulsa to train there.