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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 7

The Gift

Snow release Tormund and travel with him to wildlings camp, before left Sam gives him the dragonglass in case he meets the white walker.

Sansa asks Theon to help her, Ramsey hurts her every day. She wants him to signal her people to help her. She convinces him to do it for her, but instead he goes to see Ramsey.

Finally maester of night watch is dead, they gives him the funeral. His acting commander tells Sam that he lost all his friends.

Sansa upsets Ramsey, he tells her about Snow who is the commander of the night watch at the wall. He tells her that Theon tells him that she has friend and she wants to leave. He killed and torture a pleasant that tells Sansa about her friend.

Stannis’s army is in critical because of the weather and food, Davos suggests him to back but Stannis doesn’t agree.

Melisandre wants Stannis to sacrifice his daughter, it makes him hesitate. She tells him he should believe in her.

Sam is beaten by his brothers, while they try to get Gily. He won’t give up then Snow’s wolf shows up and chase them out. That night Gily gives herself to him.

Slave’s master try to sell Jorah and Tyrion, they are sold together to a lord. Daario tells Daenerys that seem she is the only one in Meereen that not free, as queen she can’t do what she want.

Olena goes to see Hight sparrow to make a deal with him, she threaten him to stop sending food to King’s landing. But yet he still not care, she is upset but nothing she can do.

Tommen also upset when he can’t help his queen, Cersei try to comfort and teach him the lesson. He tells her that he loved her and willing to start war for her.

Bronn found out from one of Oberyn’s lover children that he is poisoned by her blade. She gives him antidote and try to seduce him. But finally she rescue his life.

Baelish upset when he see what Sparrow done to his place, he meets with Olena to discuss how to handle this situation. He tells her that he will give the gift to her same as he gives to Cersei, the handsome young man.

Jorah found out from his lord that if he win this fight, he may have chance to fight at front of Daenerys. But surprise that today Daenerys shows up there to watch the fight, she doesn’t like what she saw. Then she see Jorah in the pit, she still upset when see him. He tells her that he brought her the gift, Tyrion.

Cersei goes to see Margaery, she upset her and she tells her that once her trial is done she will be together with another.

Cersei try to get high sparrow to help her on their trial. He tells her that after he done with Tyrell, she will be next. She is locked in the prison next to Margaery.