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The Bye Bye Man (2017)

In 1969, Larry arrived at Rick and Jane’s home. He asked what if she told anyone else about that name ? She and Rick told him they tell to some of their friends, he grabbed his gun and shot him and her death. After that he cross the street and kill Rick and Jane’s friends.

John, Sasha and Elliot are friends, they decided to rent an old house. They go to check and they found it’s big and creepy. They move from their dorm to have the freedom, they get the old furniture from basement.

At night Sasha starts to notices weird thing in house, someone bang the door or bang noise. Later that they ask Elliot’s brother, Vergil to their party, that night his niece, Alice see old gold coin in their house.

Elliot try to keep it and accidentally found the hidden written, it wrote that “Don’s say it, Don’t think it”, “The bye bye man”. He ignores it.

After party, Sasha invites one of her psychic friend, Kim. They want to test her friend, Elliot doesn’t believe in her power. Then she starts to freak out, she starts to shout  “Don’s say it, Don’t think it”. When John ask about what, Elliot said “the bye bye man”. Then light just turn off.

At night Elliot wakes up and thought that he see someone in his room, after open the light he see no one. He heard woman scream, when he goes to find out he found no one.

After that night, John starts to see delusion, Sasha starts to sick. Elliot starts to notice something between John and Sasha. While he alone, he heard noise in basement. He goes to check and almost locked out alone. He found John and Sasha upstairs, they start to have fight and think of each other crazy.

At night Eliot starts to see someone in their bedroom again, when light out he see no one. Eliot plans to check about it, while Sasha will check with the landlord about their place.

Elliot checks every where about bye bye man but he found nothing. But with “Don’s say it, Don’t think it”, he found something about it. He and the librarian say the name several times.

She tells him about Larry who kill his friends, she thinks that he doesn’t find anything about the bye bye man because someone wants to stop it permanently. He try to scratch the bye bye man from the record, then he starts to see the bye bye man coming close to him. But then he disappear.

John starts to see video with the bye bye man moving and pointing finger to him. Elliot goes to see Kim, she also has problem after that séance. During the way, Kim has delusion. She thought that she see accident on the rail way, Eliot try to stop her but she is hit by train.

Elliot try to stop Sash and John to stop said the name, but detective suspects Elliot that he makes Kim death. She thinks that he chases Kim and scares her to jump on the train.

Elliot is questions by detective, she tells him that they found Kim’s suicides note. She thinks that Kim try to kill Elliot and his friends but she is chased by him to death.

Virgil gets Elliot out of station, he try to help him but Elliot wants him to stay away. After Elliot back home he saw John and Sasha make out, he hits John with bat. But he realize that it’s delusion. He found out that the landlord is Larry who murdered his friends after talk with the librarian.

He goes to see Larry to fix this problem, he meets Larry’s wife. She tells him that Larry try to investigate about it before he went mad. She tells him that to fix this he has to kill everyone and himself.

Elliot thinks that because they afraid of him that make him stronger, he try to challenge him then he thinks that he might try to get Sasha. He rush back to safe her.

Sasha and John wake up, John see Sasha as Kim’s death body. While Sasha see John as Elliot, she try to talk to him but he keeps run away. John freaks out and get scissor and try to kill Sasha.

Elliot comes and try to stop John attack, but too late Sasha and John are death. Virgil and Alice shows up at his door try to help, Elliot try to stop himself from tell Virgil. He decides to kill himself.

Virgil takes Alice back home after the incident, she found the coins in the table that Elliot trash it. John still alive when detective and police come, he tells the detective about the bye bye man name.