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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 6

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

Arya just finish wash another dead body, people come and take the body out. She curious what will happen next. They keep bring her new body, at night Jaqen tested her again and she failed.

Tyrion tells Jorah about what he done, why he escapes and why he heading to Pentos in crate. He tells Jorah about commander Mormont who die at the wall.

One night while Arya is cleaning, she see father and daughter. He tells her that she is sick and nobody can cure her, he takes her here for help. But she can’t help her, finally his daughter dead. While she cleaning her body, Jaqen shows up.

She following him to inner house, he shows her the pillar of faces. He tells her now she is ready to be someone else.

Jorah tells Tyrion about Daenerys and her dragons, when they met the first time. But during trave they fell into slave ship’s hand.

Tyrion talks them out the situation after heard about Meereen’s fighting pit. He tells them about Jorah’s ability and convince them.

Baelish back to King’s landing and found Lancel, he tells him that Cersei is waiting for him. He goes to see her and ask her about the sparrow, while she curious about Lysa’s death.

Baelish tell her that he couldn’t find Arya but he found Sansa, she is at Winterfell. And she is going to marry Bolton, he tells her about plan to get Winterfell. By let Stannis and Bolton fight. He try to convince her to give him an army, so he will get Sansa for her.

Jaime and Bronn disguise as the guard and sneaks into castle, while Oberyn’s lover tells her children “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” before send them to kill Jaime’s daughter.

At same time, Jaime and Bronn shows up and take her out. But Oberyn’s children shows up, she is taking out. But Oberyn’s brother guard shows up and stop them. All of them are arrested include Oberyn’s lover.

Olena goes to see Cersei to talk her about Loras, but Cersie denied everything. She threaten her with their alliance. She tells her that after Loras is question in trial he will be free.

At trial, Loras denied everything of their excuse. After they done with Loras, they start to question Margaery. He asks if she not know anything about Loras pervert, she also denied. They show them the man that he used to lay down with Loras and Margaery saw them. They take both of them out after trail, Tommen is too weak and do nothing.

Ramsey asks Theon to escort Sansa to godswood, where she will marry with Ramsey. After the wedding, Ramsey asks if her stills virgin. She said yes because Tyrion is kind to her.

Ramsey asks him to stay with them while he asks her to take off her cloth, she has no choice but do as he said.