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Ghost in the Shell (2017)

Mira is label as project 2571, she is sending to convert into hanka. They put her brain into new hanka and start to create her body from skeleton.

After process finish, she wakes up and found herself in new body. She was tell that she is the refugee and her ship is take down by terrorist, they save her by per her in new body.

Company’s represent,Cutter wants to use her as the weapon for his company. After that 1 year she is join to section 9 to fight the cyber crime.

One the top of building she notices that someone try to hack in to scientist. Then she notices that few hanka shows up and head to his room. She decided without authorize to going in without backup, while hanka there starts to hack the scientist’s mind.

After Mira shows up in there and stop all hanka, the last of them beg her to help but she is killed by her team.

At the meeting at sector 9, she found that the victim and 2 other hanka scientist are killed with same way.

Mira is sent to find Kuze who responsible for these attacks, at lab the scientist didn’t find anything yet from hanka, Mira decides to hack into dead hanka to find about Kuze. They think it’s too dangerous but she won’t listen.

She hank into to hanka’s memory, and found Kuze there but he try to hack her back. But they disconnect her on time before he did, she wakes up and she knows where is him.

Instead found him there they get into his trap, it damage her body and Batou’s eye. But both of them are fixed but that night Kuze shows up there and kill another scientist.

After check all victims, Mira found that Kuze is target all scientist who working on project 2571 and now it’s only 1 scientist left, Ouelet.

Mira and her team shows up before they get her, Mira chases down and captured one of them. They found that his memory is altered by Kuze.

After they they found where Kuze is and found factory where they illegal made the hanka. There she is ambush and captured, Kuze shows up to her. She found that he is her prototype, they made experiment on him.

He tells her that the medication they give to her is to suppress her memory. After that Kuze escape, and Mira goes to see Ouelet and ask her about the experiment.

Mira learned that all her memory was fake, Cutter is the one who do this to her. Mira decides to left and off the grid.

Mira decides to go back to company to find our more, Cutter tells Ouelet to kill Mira because he can’t control her, but she decides not to and help her escape.

After Mira escape, Cutter killed Ouelet and frames Mira that she is the one who kill Ouelet. She following Ouelet’s trace to the apartment, she found a woman who told her that her daughter, Mokoto is died and captured by police.

Mira starts to remember what happen to her, she remembered now that she is Mokoto and Cutter is the one who take her down, she contact her chief at sector 9 about it.

But Cutter found that Chief of sector 9 and Mira plan to stop him, he ordered the hanka to kill every on team. But they are safe.

Mia and Kuze goes backs to where she was taken by Cutter. She remembered what happen to her and Kuze. He wants her to revenge them, but she doesn’t agree.

Then spider tank which controlled by Cutter shows up and attack them. But Mira successfully destroyed the spider tank.

Cutter is arrested for murdered but he try to resist so he is killed by her chief, after that Mira continued to work on sector 9.