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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 5

Kill the Boy

Daenerys found out about Barristan’s death, she is upset. She commands to gather all master and bring them to dragons’s pit. She feeds them one of them.

Snow tells Tormund that he will let all wildlings in the wall, they don’t need to kneel to him. He tells him to lead his people before white walker hit them first, he agreed to join them unless he has to go with them and Stannis. He goes with him to convinces all wildlings to join Stannis.

Other night watch disagree with his decision, they fight wildlings for a long time it’s not easy to accept them.

Brienne found a pleasant who loyal to the Stark, she wants to delivery message to Sansa. One of Ramsey’s lover upset after know about his marry, she goes to confront her and try to stop her marrying.

She shows her Theon’s cell, he tells Ramsey about Sansa. He forgives him and no more hide him from her. He tells her that he already avenge for her. Then Ramsey found out that his father is going to has a baby.

He is worried about his position, Bolton tells him about his mother. He told him that he is also his son. He tells him that Stannis will come for them.

Sam told Stannis how he killed the white walker, he also tell him that he saw the army of death. Stannis decides to leave without waiting Snow.

Grey worm tells Missendei that the moment he is dying he fear that he won’t see her again. She suggest Daenerys that she can make her own choice without listen to her counselor.

Daenerys finally allow them to open fighting pit and she will marry the one of master to bond them together.

Jorah takes Tyrion through the Valyria, he worried more about pirates than the doom. There they saw one of the dragon, then they are attacked by stoneman. Tyrion almost died by touch of them, Jorah is touched by them.