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The Boss Baby (2017)

Tim is 7 years old and he has a lot of imagination for his adventure, he lives with his parent with happiness.

But one day he has a brother come out, that morning he see his brother come with taxi and walk to his door. His parent show him that he is his brother.

Since then his family become chaos and he has been ignored by his parent, they give all attention to his brother.

Tim try to tell his parent that his brother is look suspicious but they won’t listen to him, one night while everyone asleep Tim overheard his brother talk with someone on phone.

Tim found that his baby brother can talk, he tells Tim about his mission. That night he can’t sleep, in morning he thinks that he need to find the prove and tell his parent.

But his baby brother has meeting with other babies in house, Tim try to spy on him. His brother explain about their rival, puppies. As Tim’s parent work in puppy’s company, his brother is there to stop the company.

Tim recorded while his baby brother talk, but he lost it. His parent ground him after found that he try to fire his baby brother out of window. They ground them together in house until they get along.

His baby brother shows up in his room while he depressed, he convinces him to work with him. He shows him the truth about his company, baby corp and where is baby come from.

He shows him the baby’s problem, puppies. He tells him that if he’s done his mission he will go back and leave his family. Tim agreed to help him to finish his mission.

Tim found that his parent company allow to take tour to company, they plan to convince them that they are love each other.

They success, their parents agree to take them to their company. While their parent go to work, Tim and his baby brother go to find out about new puppies company.

They found secret door and get pass the guard, they found new file about new puppy but they are captured by Francis, the puppies’s company.

He tells them about how he end up here, because he is older. Then he get fired, he become old and he decides to revenge by create forever puppy that never get old. They will replace the baby.

They are locked in house, while Francis and their parents go to Las Vegas to lunch the new puppy. They escape from their nanny and head to stop their parent and Francis.

His baby brother starts to lost his ability while they lost time, they miss their parents. They have a big fight but after talk together, they decide to head to Vegas.

His baby brother’s power is fading, he keep loosing it. But they are too late, Francis announces the forever puppy and capture their parents.

They try to rescue them but Francis is lunching the rocket. They success stop him but his baby brother lost his power while he stuck in rocket.

Tim sings and rescue him out and rescue their parents. His mission is completed, he is going back to company.

But both of them miss each other, Tim write letter to his baby brother and make him quite his job. He goes down to become normal baby and lives with him until growth up.