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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 4

Sons of the Harpy

Jaime and Bronn are heading to Dorne but they are not on Lannister’s ship, he asks him why he don’t send the army there.

Her council tells Cersei that Iron bank wants 1/10 of their debt return, she wants to send her new master of coin to meet them in person.

Cersei discuss with High Sparrows, while sons of the harpy start to destroy the wine and capture whore, they also kill man lover. They also capture Lorus, Margaery thinks that Tommen did it. He tells her he has no idea, she thinks it’s Cersei doing.

She begs him to free him from cell, he goes to see Cersei but she said she didn’t. But he knows that she armed sons of the harpy.

Tommen goes to see high sparrow, his men asks if he want to kill them all. He gives up and back to see her, she is upset and do it by herself.

Snow is upset when he see the Bolton on the lord list that they will ask the supply, he has no choice but did it.

Stannis tells Melisandre that they are going to march to Winterfell, she goes to convince him to go with them. She failed to seduce him, she even knows the word of Ygritte that make him surprise.

Stannis tells his daughter how she ill and how he protected her since baby, she is very happy to hear that from him.

Sansa found that Baelish is leaving because Cersei call him, he tells her about Stannis’s strategy plan to take Winterfell and come to take her. But if he defeats she should handle Ramsey and make him her.

Jaime and Bronn arrive at Dorne’s shore, they are spotted by Dorne’s guard. They kill them and get in the city.

Oberyn’s lover found that Jaime is at Dorne, she wants to avenge for Oberyn. She knows that he comes for the princess.

Tyrion found that Jorah want to take him to Daenerys, he tells him he already plan to there. He found out what happen to him, he upset Jorah.

Daenerys stills get someone try to convince her to give them a fighting pit, while sons of the harpy kill again now they set the trap and lure Unsullied to kill. Grey worm survived by the help from Barristan’s life.