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Resident Evil The Final Chapter (2016)

In past Marcus’s daughter is ill, he try to save her by invent T-virus. He could save her, they adapt it to cure many decease but it has side effect and spread to the world. Marcus try to convince Issac to close the program but he kill him instead.

He created Red queen to help him take over Marcus’s company, later than outbreak start at Raccoon city and spread to the world.

Alice wanders until arrive at Washington DC, she is looking for supply. She found several monsters, after that she heard strange noise. She is following it to underground base, she meet Red queen there.

She tells her about antivirus that can kill everything that infected with T-virus, she agreed to help by go to Raccoon city. She also found that Wesker is there.

During the way she is ambush by Umbrella, she wakes up and found captive in cell among other. She meets Isaac, she realize that who is killed is his clone.

She manages to escape out and heads to Raccoon city, but Wesker and Issac aware what is her plan.

At Raccoon city, she meets Claire  there. She tells her about Isaac and undead behind him. She tells Claire that about antivirus at Hive, but they have to stop Isaac first then go to Hive.

After Isaac arrive, with Alice’s plan they can hold them for a while before the gate is down. They try to hold them down, while Alice gathering them and burn all of them at once. Alice goes down to take down Isaac, but he escapes.

They spot another army coming more, Alice decides to go to Hive to stop all of them once. Once there Wesker release Cerberus , they are running for their live.

They manage to the blast door and locked inside the Hive, Red queen show them the evidence that Isaac is who release the virus. She also tell her that she has informant in her group.

During the way in, Wesker setup the trap for them. Alice lost several people from the group. Wesker has no choice as Alice keep pushing, he awakes real Isaac.

Isaac waits her there, she found that Doc is an informant and betray them. Alice found that she is the clone, real Alice is Marcus’s daughter.

Marcus’s daughter fired Wesker, Red queen can kill him. Alice uses chances to get rid Doc, Isaac flee out. Alice following him to get the antivirus back.

Isaac shutdown Red queen, he lures them to fight with him. Isaac is upgraded and very strong, but while he thinks he win Alice tricks and beat him.

Alice gets antivirus and head up to surface and try to release it, but Isaac shows up and get it. Isaac’s clone shows up with undead, he kills real Isaac. He is killed by undead, Alice release the virus.

Alice wakes up and found she still alive, Red queen shows up and explain why she is not dead. She also gives Marcus’s daughter memory to her.