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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 3

High Sparrow

Arya is working at the house of black and white, she tells Jaqen that she wants to be his apprentice. He tells her that she must become no one first.

Margaery marry with Tommen and become his queen again, Cersei is upset but there is nothing she can do to stop it. Tommen is happy with her, he fell in love with her. She try to separate him from Cersei.

At Moat Cailin, Ramsey is sent to collect the tax instead he killed the lord because he refused, Bolden try to warn him that now Tywin is gone. They are alone by themselves they must not raise more enemy. He wants to send him to marry some one that they can unify the north.

Sansa found that Baelish try to make her marry with Bolton, she is upset because they are the one who kill her brother. He convinces her to marry him and get the power then she can revenge them.

Brienne and Pod found about whereabouts of Sansa, she decides to teach him to be a knight. She tells him how she met Renly.

Snow refuse Stannis’s offer, he tells him that he has swear an oath so he can’t break it. He asks him to make decision about wildling. Davos try to convince him otherwise too.

Arya try hard to be no one, she dump all of her belonging to satisfy Jaqen. But she could not throw out her sword, instead she hide it. One night Jaqen leads her to underground room, he asks one of his apprentice to teach her. They start by wash the dead man.

Sansa and Baelish arrive at Moat Cailin, she meets Bolton and Ramsey. She is invited to stay there, she meets some north loyalty.

Snow’s first meeting, he gets someone who against him. He punish him for that to make his man in order.

Sparrows’s cult get one of lord that spent time on Baelish’s house and punish him on the road. He tells this to council, he wants them to punishment.

Cersei goes to see High sparrow, she meets him. She arrests him to the red dungeon, she wants Baelish to come back ASAP.

Baelish gets his message from Bolton that Cersei wants to see him, he is upset that he opened his message.

Tyrion wants to get out he thinks nobody will know him, he and Varys get in the city and have drink. Jorah also there, he captured him and take to Daenerys.