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Power Rangers (2017)

The Red is injured and try to climb to the Yellow who is dying, she gives her coin before die. He sending their 5 coins out to find the one who worth them, Rita shows up before she end up blow up by meteor.

This night Jason and his friends try to take the cow back to college. But the cops are coming after them, they try to escape but they end up in car accident.

After that 3 weeks, Jason is sent to his detention for what he done until the rest of his year. He see Kim there she is also at the detention, she just get dump from her cheer leader team. He also see Bill there and is bullied, but he is saved by Jason.

Billy offers to help him to remove his anklet, they straight to old mine. Seem Bill try to find something there but Jason doesn’t interest in it.

While wander around Jason see Kim there, at that time Billy try to explode the mountain to find something. After explosion, Jason and Kim rush to see Billy and meet Zack and Trini.

After check the explosion’s side, they found the glass wall. Inside they found 5 pieces of coins when they break it down. Then they heard mine security alarm coming, they try to escape from them.

Jason picks the other while escape from mine security, but Billy try to rush to cross of railway but they didn’t made it. They get hit by train.

At the sea, Fisherman while cache the fish, they found body of Rita in the net. They keep her in the cold room under ship.

Next day Jason and other wake up and found out that they are alive. Jason’s injured is gone, Billy has incredible power while the bully try to beat him instead he get beaten.

After Jason, Kim and Billy found out about unusual of their power, they decide to go back to the mine to checkout.

When fisher arrive at shore, owner asks officer from sheriff to check the body they found. He is attacked by Rita.

Jason, Bill and Kim found Zack, Trini at the mine, while check around they notice something down the cliff, and at the bottom of cliff they found the other dimension under the water.

When they enter it they found the cave and they see the spaceship inside, as soon they near the door their coin is glowing and the door opened.

They found Alpha 5 inside, he explains to them that he is waiting for them. He tells them to activate something, after that Zordon shows up in the wall. He tells them that they are power rangers. They found that their duty is to protect Zeo crystal from Rita.

Zordon shows them their future with Rita, he tells them that she wants to destroy the world. But nobody believe him and leave, before left Zordon tells Jason that he is the leader and he wants him to train his team to stop Rita.

Next day they all decide to come back to the ship, Zordon shows them how to morph. But seem they can’t, he decides to give them a training without their armor. After a lot of training, they still failed. Jason found that Zordon tricks them just because he wants their power after they morph.

At night Rita is attacked by Trini, she try to force her to tell her where is Zoe crystal. Trini has meeting and tell the other about Rita’s plan, they all decide to fight Rita even they are not Power ranger yet.

They found the Rita’s place, they all captured by her after fight. Rita found that Billy know where is Zoe crystal. She threaten to kill Zack, Billy tells her at the end. Rita kill Billy before leave.

Kim and the other take Billy’s body back to Zordon, but he can’t help him. While they discuss and blame themselves, the crystal on ship become active. Zordon give Billy to comes back to live instead of him.

They decide to go after Rita, before that they try to morph and success. They found the Rita’s army and found that Rita already create her Goldar. It heads to town and try to find the crystal.

They ride with dinosaur-robot to stop her, but she found the crystal. They try to stop her from crystal. While fighting they trigger the change of their robot. They all merge together and big robot, megazod.

Rita merge to her Goldar and fight with megazod. They take down Goldar, Zack try to capture her to Zordon but she refuse. She try to attack them, megazod slap her out of space.