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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 2

The House of Black and White

Arya is heading to Braavos, his captain tells her about the Titan who fight for them when they are in danger.

He takes her to The House of Black and White, where she will find who she wants to see. She knocks at the door which has 2 colors, she shows him the coin that Jaqen gives to her. But they close door on her, she has no where else to go so she waiting there.

While Brienne and Pod rest at inn, he spots Sansa and Baelish there. She wants to see them, she approach to Sansa and wants to server her. But she also doesn’t want her. They try to catch her, she and Pod barely escape. They decides to following Baelish.

Cersei tells Jaime that their daughter is in danger in Dorne, he tells her he will secretly get her back. Jaime asks Bronn to go with him, he agreed without choice.

Oberyn’s brother is sorry for his dead, Oberyn’s lover is very upset and wants to revenge Cersei’s daughter. He refused her to do.

Daenerys’s council they discuss about the sons of the harpy, they thinks they paid the lower to do something bad. Barristan tells Daenerys about her father how he ruled in the past.

Varys takes Tyrion to see Daenerys, he tells him that he must hide from Cersei’s men. While Cersei is the council, while her uncle is upset with her misused her power. He refused to work under her.

Stannis try to convinces Snow to loyal to him, he tells him if he loyal to him he will raise him as Stark. He tells Sam that he is going to refused, that night the night’s watch will vote for new commander.

Look like Alliser is going to win, but Sam name Snow as another candidate. Alliser discredit him by remind them about his relation with wildlings. After the vote there is a tie between Snow and Alliser, Maester gives his vote to him.

A man from The House of Black and White shows up to her and give her back the coin, she found out he is jaqen, he lets her in the house.

Daenerys found that one of her people kill one of the son of harpy for her, she has no choice by punish him. That makes her people upset and start chaos, they escort her back to safety. That night her other dragon shows up, but it left while she try to reach.