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Moana (2016)

Maui is the warrior that can make shape shifter, he can transform to animal. One day he is looking for heart of the mother of earth, but he is attack by Teka monster of darkness. He lost his weapon and missing.

Moana is daughter of the chief, one day she help a baby turtle back to the sea. She found that the sea open the path for her to the sea. She found the heart of mother of earth. But she lost it when her father come to pick her.

She try to goes back to sea but her father keeps prevent her, after that they found that their island endanger the problem all their food are gone.

Moana thinks that if they go beyond the reef they might get some food, but her father won’t agreed. Her mother tells her that in past he lost his friend in sea.

One day Moana decides to take off to the sea, but she get push back and lost the boat. She safe back on the beach and meet her grandmother.

She shows her the place about Maui, she tells her to go inside and bang a drum. Inside she found several boats and she bang the drum.

She found about truth of her people, her grandmother tells her about Maui. She tells him that sea choose her, she has to find Maui and take him back to sea.

She tells her father about the plan but he won’t listen, then they found that her grandmother is dying. Before die she tells her to do her task.

She sail out to the sea heading to find Maui to restore heart of mother of land, she is attacked by storm and end up on the island.

She found Maui on the island, she make him on her boat after several refused. But sea help her and bring him back, then they notice that pirate group is coming after them.

They are after heart of mother of earth, but they manage to escape from them. She convinces him to return the heart.

First they go to get his hook back from Tamatoa, they have to enter Lalotai, the monster realm. Both of them jump down to Lalotai, Moana is alone and chasing by monster.

But she found his hook in Tamotao’s lair, she try to distract them while Maui try to get his hook back. But Tamotao notices him, it attacks Maui, Moana try to help him out.

They can escape but Maui feels his weakness, he doesn’t have confident that he can fight Teka. After talks she convinces him to confidence.

They arrive at where they have to store the heart, Teka is showing up and block them. Moana try to get pass it but failed.

Maui’s hook is damage by the hit from Teka, he doesn’t want to go back again. He left her alone, but she decides to go on after she meets her grandmother.

She almost pass Teka, while she is in trouble. Maui shows up and fight with him. Mauna found that the place is gone, she realize that what she is looking is on Teka.

She found that Teka is mother of the earth, after she put her heart back she become the mother of the heart again.

Maui gets his hook fixed, all darkness is gone. Maona goes back to her home.