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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 1

The Wars to Come

In past, Cersei and her friend gone in the forest alone. They head into old hut in the wood, they met the witch. Cersei asked her to tell her future, she gave her blood to her. She tells her she will become the queen, she will has son with king too.

Cersei is heading to Tywin’s funeral, Jaime already inside with him. Jaime tells her that everything his father built their enemy will take it. She blames him for release Tyrion and make their father killed.

Varys takes Tyrion to Pentos, he tells him that he needs to be crate to be saved. Daenerys gets the news about the sons of harpy, who kill her Unsullied. She is very upset and want them to get him to her.

Melisandre takes Snow with her to the up of the wall to see Stannis and Davos, he knows that Bolton now take his Winterfell. Stannis tells him that he wants wildings to war with him. He tells him that if Mance not loyal to him, he will burns him.

At Vale, Robin is started to get trained by solider, they all feel that he is too weak. Baelish get news from someone. He takes him to the west to Royce’s castle.

At funeral, Cersei meet her Cousin Lancel. They used to have affair when she was with king, he try to comfort her but she doesn’t want.

Tyrion ask Varys why he risks everything and help him out, he tells him that he will be useful in The Wars to Come. He asks him to help someone to sit on iron throne instead of Tommen or Stannis.

Daenerys doesn’t agree for what her people wants, they want her to allow fighting pit. She thinks it’s not good, Daario convinces her to allow.

She goes to see her dragons that she locked up, they are angry with her. She has no choice but flee.

Snow try to convince Mance to fight for Stannis so he will be not killed, he tells him that they following him because of respect and for that he can’t kneel to Stannis. That night Stannis burns Mance alive.