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Rogue One A Star Wars Story (2016)

A ship fly into one of the Saturn’s moon. Jyn as child rush to tell her family to leave, her parent knows that they will come for them. Her father, Galen goes out to give her time to escape.

Krennic from empire comes to see Galen to force him back to work, Lyra her mother try to help Galen but she is killed. Krennic is looking for Jyn, she is running and hide in the secret bunker. She is waiting until Saw shows up and help her escape.

In market on trading post base, Andor try to get information from his informant. After he knows about planet’s killer he try to send the information.

At Jedha, a defected pilot is looking for Saw. He tells the guard that he has information, while Jyn is transporting from her prison. The rebel group shows up and help her out, they send her to the rebel’s base.

They wants to know where is her father and Saw, they want her to contact with Saw. They want her to help them contact him and her father to stop empire’s weapon. She agrees to help them, but they decide secretly to kill her father when contact.

Defected pilot tells Saw about what he found, he tells him that Galen send him to see him. But he doesn’t believe and send him out to check the truth, Andor and Jyn are arrive at Jedha. They found destroyer there, he tells her that because of Saw attacked the cargo earlier.

In Jedha’s market, Jyn meets Chirrut, the blind man. He knows about her crystal, but before she asks him more. The market becomes war zone, the rebel start to attack the empire.

While they are in trouble, Chirrut shows up and help them out from empire’s troop. Then Saw’s rebel shows up and captured them, Jyn tells them that she is Galen’s daughter. She is sent to see Saw, in past she is dump by him. But he said that he did because to protect her.

Saw thinks that rebel send her to kill him, she tells him that rebel wants him to help them. He found that she doesn’t care much about empire, he shows her what hapen.
Jyn and Saw see the message from defected pilot. He tells them he put the trap in new weapon, death star. Krennic order to destroy the Jedha’s city to prove his weapon power.

After blast, Andor barely takes Jyn out of there. Saw decides to end with his base, the impact destroy entire moon. Andor found where is Galen, and he will goes to kill him. Jyn tells them about trap Galen put but no body believe her, she asks them to bring him to speaks.

They landed at Galen’s facility, but Rebel lost communication with them and decides to send squadron to destroy the facility. Andoor goes out without Jyn to kill Galen, but Jyn notices it and decides to stop him.

Krennic shows up at facility and kill Galen and his team for defected pilot, after that rebel squadron shows up and bombard facility. After attack Galen is dead, but Krennic escapes out. Andor rescue Jyn, steal cargo ship and get out the facility.

Rebel’s council discuss after get information from Jyn, some of them doesn’t believe her. She convinces them to fight and destroy death start now, but she failed. She decides to destroy it herself. Andor, defected pilot, Chirrut and some of their men decide to help her.

Lyn and them head to empire security’s complex to find the plans of death star, after land they infiltrate the citadel. While the other create the chaos to attach the attention. Krennic just arrived to check all transmission that Galen did, Andor executes his plan and get their attention. Krennic sent out the troop to stop them, after that rebel group decides to help them by send them the squadron.

But empire close the gate, all rebel group can’t pass it down. Also Andor and Jyn need it to transmission the plan out to rebel, rebel group try to destroy the gate. Andor and Jyn found the plan, Krennic also notices about them and head there.

Andor’s team success to open the communication line, but Chirrut, defected are killed for it. Jyn heads up to the communication tower to send the plan to rebel, Krennic is following her to stop. Rebel success to destroy the shield, Andor and Jyn success to send rebel the plan.

Vador ordered to destroy entire planet to cover the secret, but rebels get the plan out.